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    Pool Table?

    Has anyone ever cleaned one? Ive never done one before was wondering if anyone ever has and if they had any advice. Had a client request it.
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    What do yall think?

    Just finished a portable eurotec burner for a client.
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    Thermal wave 2 For Sale

    Thermal wave two with freshwater belly tank, 4k hours new head, and rings, new powder coat, heat exchange delete comes with eurotec disel burner and fuel cell for diesel. Electric hose real vac hose for sale 7500 obo
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    How many times have we all thought about this Absolutely righteous, i love it.
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    Beast Machine Setup For Sale

    60 horsepower kubota diesel, roots 56 vac blower with stoddard silencer, 2500 psi at 5 gpm AR pump, eurotec diesel burner. 15 gallon aluminum fuel cell, 250 foot electric hose reel, 125 gallon freshwater tank, 100 gal waste water tank. 6k or best offer. If picked up would consider installing it...
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    So this is a first

    My son (been cleaning with me 10 years) cleaned this day before yesterday didnt do anything we havent done a millions times before any ideas why this happened? Carpet looked fine before cleaning about 3 hours after cleaning home owner said it buckled up. We let it dry and its still buckled...
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    Rat Nasty Review

    Just my humble opinion guys if you haven't tried this should! I think youll find it to be quite the game changer. Spray straight on and go to cleaning its really good, give it about 15 minutes dwell time and its unbelievable. Its not an overstatement to say it's prob one of the best...
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    Might Be Selling Several Trucks

    So thinking about buying a few new trucks wich will leave some if my trucks for sale if anyone is interested. If you are pm me with what your wanting to look at and ill get you some pics and a price. 2008 chevy express supreme box van with the beast truckmount in it 60+ horse kubota diesel with...
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    Saphire Summit

    Anyone know anything about this machine or own one? I down loaded the manual it looks pretty simple. Anyone heard of any issues with it?
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    Who's Cleaning The White House?

    The contracts for janitorial and housekeeping work include $127,249 on "2021 Inaugural Cleaning," $44,038 on carpet cleaning, and $29,523 on curtain cleaning, CNN reported. Copy and pasted this out of an article, says their spending 500k deep cleaning the white house before Biden moves in, due...
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Im sitting here enjoying some quiet time before the kids and grandkids overtake the house to open presents lol. Whats everyone's plans for today?
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    Blueline Thermal Wave Rebuild

    Know what happens when a machine goes from this.....
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    Anyone interested in a eurotec burner?

    Some of you have prob seen the diesel burners ive built in the past, i had a friend that had several pallets of them id get them from as needed. Sadly he passed away and his son asked me if i wanted to buy the rest of his inventory of them. If your not familiar with them they have roughly a 13"×...
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    Mach15 Glides

    So was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for an aftermarket glide for the Mach15. The one that came on it looks like this after 1 month.
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    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    Like the title says what kind of hobbies do yall enjoy outside of our day to day grind what else are you passionate about?
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    Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day full of good food and family! Personally gonna eat myself into a coma today :ROFLMAO:
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    Stacked Flagstone Fireplace Advice Needed

    Can anyone recomend the best product to remove soot from flagstone?
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    Blue Label Review

    Sent my guys out with Blue Label Monday, had a manager call in a re-clean (not a thing with my guys might get 3 or 4 a year between all my trucks) my guy said he gave it the bygod the first time cleaning it and was pretty upset about it it with Blue Label and the manager has...
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    Navajo Rug Thoughts?

    Recently picked up this rug from a client due to a fire damage in their home rug has some smoke damage no physical damage just smoke. Any thoughts on cleaning it. Client is very partial to this rug. He says its very old but looks to be in really good shape
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    Really Need A Decent Waste Tank

    Anyone have a decent waste tank for sale 100 gallons or more? If anyone could part with one for a decent price it would help greatly. Thanks in advance
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    Big Blower Wanted

    Anyone have a big blower for for sale reasonable? Wanting a 59 or larger. Ive got a build in my mind thats driving me nuts lol
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    Just Gotta Say Something About Mytee

    As yall know I got a really good deal on a Mytee Trex the other day, the circuit board was bad on it due to it being in a fire but other than that it looked brand new. Ordered the part from Mytee to fix it and she runs like a champ now. I asked @John LaBarbera if he was still sending brushes to...
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    For The Love of God House Call Pro

    HOUSE CALL PRO stop calling my phone.....told them months ago they were not a good fit for me and I wasnt forward about 30 sales calls later and me progressively being more blunt and less professional about it to the middle of dinner just now at 6pm they call AGAIN. Told the...
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    IICRC UGH!!!!!

    Sent my guy to this in october, look at the expiration dates
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    Opinions on Wands?

    Been using evolution wands with an 8 flow for the last couple years, happy with how light they are, and recovery what I dont like about them is the plastic heads warp,overspray due to no splashguards, you cant hear the "wand wistle" when their clean let alone when you have a dead cat stuck in...