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  1. carolinasurface

    New tool or not?

    So we are starting to do more commercial work it seems. There is a greasy restaurant we do every for 5 weeks and now I have this carpet that I need to do which is an office that has a bunch of spills. I currently have my truck mount and wand. I also have a cimex. How would you attack this...
  2. carolinasurface

    Help with wool rug

    Kid peed on rug. She tried to spot with water and nothing happened. I came and tried encap first. Nothing lightened. Flushed with acid rinse and used water claw. Fans and left. This is what it looked like after drying. Customer says it is almost 100% wool. Waiting on full specs with backing...
  3. carolinasurface

    Silicone oils on tile

    Does anyone have experience with a chemical that will remove oils left behind on hotel tile floors?
  4. carolinasurface

    Had a first the other day!

    We were about 3/4 of the way finished cleaning a bunch of rugs in a nice home. This alarm started beeping. We figured out it was the CO2 alarm. We continued and then the hardwired alarm system went off too! The monitor company called the client and said they were sending the fire department...
  5. carolinasurface

    Oily floor help

    This is the floor of a dealership we are in every month to do cleaning in. There are several areas most in the service area but under a lot of the rugs as well where it's shiny and oily and will not come off with normal cleaning (groutmaster and spinner) I have also tried using my cimex pads to...
  6. carolinasurface

    Oil and Vinegar Dressing

    Commercial glue down, large spill. Clean with high ph cleaner and flush well? Dry fast always
  7. carolinasurface


    This floor was installed a few years ago. They called us in because the installer had a couple different shades of grout color. We cleaned and color sealed with Color Clad. A few weeks later we color sealed again because they didn't like the color. Fast forward a few years to now. See pics...
  8. carolinasurface

    Upholstery Tool Recommendations?

    I can't take it anymore! Have the Drimaster 2 and love the concept but the metal lips come off all the time. I am thinking the SS Upholstery Pro. Thoughts?
  9. carolinasurface

    Dog smell on tile and grout

    Doing a cleaning on a 2 bedroom duplex Monday. Place smells horrible. No visible stains and even the single garage smells awful. Spray with tile acid, let soak, then clean with turbo tool? Then clean like normal with groutmaster?
  10. carolinasurface

    Sisal issue

    Hey everyone. Got a call from good client who says her live Christmas tree leaked on her sisal rug and wants me to try and clean Monday. She knows it is a last ditch effort and may have to replace. She has tried some powder on it that she has had success with in the past for spot cleaning sisal...
  11. carolinasurface

    Customer has a Rainbow...

    So what do you do when you get a call that your customer vacuumed after you cleaned and this is what they find? Rental house cleaned last week and looked like it hasn't been vacuumed in a while. As always, we vacuumed, presprayed, and extracted with acid rinse. It cleaned up well visually.
  12. carolinasurface


    Finally got her wrapped! I love it.
  13. carolinasurface

    Help with odd stain on carpet

    2 questions: 1. Possible causes? 2. Remedy? This hotel uses this tree table and it has left a hard crusty stain. The lobby was renovated just under a year ago with this decor and carpet. I have my theories as to why but want input please. Then, how would you try to clean it?
  14. carolinasurface

    NV 2500 set up

    Finally got everything out of my 2008 trailer. Now just need to get the wrap!
  15. carolinasurface

    Vehicle Wrap

    What is the going price per sqft for vinyl wrap in your area? I had a quote for $12 per sqft. That means for a decent partial wrap on a NV 2500 it would be between 2k and 3k. Good? Bad?
  16. carolinasurface

    Vehicle Wrap

    What is the going price per sqft for vinyl wrap in your area? I had a quote for $12 per sqft. That means for a decent partial wrap on a NV 2500 it would be between 2k and 3k. Good? Bad?
  17. carolinasurface

    Nissan NV 2500 high roof

    Quick question - I found a good deal on an almost new V6. Will the V6 be sufficient or do I need the V8 to do what we do? I live in a relatively flat area. I am moving my equipment from my Master's Touch trailer. Thank you for your input!
  18. carolinasurface

    Nissan NV 2500 high roof

    Quick question. I want to move everything from my trailer into a van. I found a great deal on an almost new NV 2500 high top V6. Will the V6 be strong enough to use for what we do? Where I live is pretty much flat - no large hills or anything like that. Thank you for your input!
  19. carolinasurface

    Cimex trouble

    Hey guys! Was on my way home from a much needed vacation and the crew called... Cimex with new pads moving slow then smelled burning. Turned it off and now when you turn it on, the fan on top spins but nothing rotates. Even saw smoke from what I gathered. Need to fix Monday but not sure where...
  20. carolinasurface

    Quarry Tile - seal grout?

    Would a spray solvent sealer such as Gundlach work well to seal just the grout lines? Normally on ceramic tile we would spray it and then damp flat mop the tile to remove excess. Will this same process work for this quarry tile? Or will it absorb too much? The goal is to clean this and do...
  21. carolinasurface

    What is your answer?

    This is a friend of mine that just had this floor installed one month ago. What would you tell this person? Sent from my SM-G935V using TMF Forums mobile app
  22. carolinasurface

    Urine Berber help

    On Monday, we cleaned this Berber carpet. Steps: 1. Vacuum 2. Flood spots with Matrix Miracle 3. 30 min dwell then flash extractor 4. Ultramax prespray 5. Clean 6. Fans while cleaning 7. Apply Maxim Advanced protector (around noon) Received call the next morning that those spots were...
  23. carolinasurface

    Lice Powder

    Has anyone had to clean after lice powder from the pharmacy was applied to all the carpet? I'm going to a customer's house on Monday where this has happened. They have actually been staying in a hotel because the dust was so bad. She is now asking you if we can steam clean the drapes beds and...
  24. carolinasurface

    Removal of Grout Paint

    I will be doing a lot of work for a client soon. He is flipping the house. In the kitchen, the previous homeowner (or someone) used a grout paint (or regular white wall paint) on the grout lines. I assume a floor stripper will remove it, but would love to hear if anyone has had experience with...
  25. carolinasurface

    Dog smell on hardwoods

    Got a call today from a property manager saying there is a strong dog odor in a house with wood floors. My crew heading there tomorrow to look. Would cleaning the wood help or can I spray or damp microfiber mop on liquid alive? Sent from my SM-G900V using TMF Forums mobile app