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  1. PagosaSteam

    Trailer Mount - $4,500

    Located in Southern Colorado. I built this small trailer mount to do some jobs on the side and then got busy with my regular job. I used a drop axle enclosed trailer so that it will fit into a standard garage and I added 1" of foam insulation on all 6 sides so that it is basically like a big...
  2. PagosaSteam

    CONTEST I bet you can’t identify this.....

    It is ground concrete. Usually they would polish it but it looks like they just ground down into it without polishing it.
  3. PagosaSteam

    Your Best macgyver or davidson Moment this year !!!

    I built this homemade tile spinner from a $29 surface cleaner from Lowe’s and the bottom of an old 5-gallon bucket. It actually worked pretty well.
  4. PagosaSteam

    Down-stream injector

    I called Butler, they will not sell major components or assemblies such as the chemical injector for use on non-Butler units. I can probably put one together by getting a cat pump with a pulse pump and then all of the other connectors, but I’m just going to keep it simple and inject my chemical...
  5. PagosaSteam

    Down-stream injector

    I’m thinking that running acid rinse through the heater is going shorten the life of it, so it would be nice if I could inject the acid rinse after all of the Equipment. I know that they have last-step injection on some of the truckmounts, but I guess they must be doing it with a metering pump.
  6. PagosaSteam

    Down-stream injector

    Building a small enclosed trailer setup. I’m going to get a little giant heater and put a low-pressure, electric pressure washer through it. I’d like to inject chemical after the heater. My flow rate is going to only be about 2gpm max. Anyone know of a good chemical injector that would work okay...