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  1. joesclean

    Florida Floods

    We traveled down to Florida from WI looking to help assist other flood companies with work. If you are in need of help please do not hesitate to at least reach out. We brought tons of equipment
  2. joesclean

    Anyone near Canton, MI

    Have a client that moved out there and has MOLD. He asked if I knew of anyone out by him...............
  3. joesclean

    Browning rug

    Polypropylen white rug that keeps browning. Used all fiber rinse then did it again with matrix target. Any suggestions???
  4. joesclean

    VCT problem I can not solve

    Looks great after I wax, 3 days later this happened???? Anyone ever see this? How do I fix it? I went back and did a scrub and recoat and that did not fix it. Around every tile it's like the wax did not take.
  5. joesclean

    VT12 Wand........ROCKS

    I not big on posting but this needs to be put out there. I finally (after 15 years) jumped into a 2" wand. HOLY SHIT this bad boy is amazing. If you ever think about switching or need a new wand give this a try. I have been burned before from forums on buying equipment......but this restored...
  6. joesclean

    absorb a stain???

    This product was amazing......however it is now discontinued. What do you guys use or recommend for stains that re-appear after cleaning them?
  7. joesclean

    whats the difference?

    Doing a huge 15,000 sq ft commercial job and was thinking of either buying a cimex or just using the original rotarty scrubber with a solution tank. Is there a difference between the two? I have 2 truckmounts just thought I could also do this and get it done way faster.........any thoughts...
  8. joesclean

    Anyone have a Marine 3047 by Amtek???

    Having pump problems. I bought the Mytee Pump and still can not keep that pump running, keeps over heating. Seeing how anyone else has their set-up. Thanks a MILLION Joe
  9. joesclean

    I need transfer pump HELP

    I am using the amtex Marine 3047 and am having troubles with the transfer pump from the fresh water tank. It keeps over heating. I am using the flojet 4.9 gal per min 12 volt. What is everyone else using?
  10. joesclean


    Does anyone have a copy of the authorization sheet you have the homeowner sign before you start the mitigation work? I need to start using one........
  11. joesclean

    Going thru old marketing papers, need your input

    Came across a paper that I pulled out to incorporate but never did it. Using package services. Does anyone use Packages to sell carpet cleaning? ex. Bronze, Silver, Gold Package This might be easier to upsell scotchgard.....
  12. joesclean

    Just ordered the Inferno 30/47 Stack.....

    Finally this is getting built. Does anyone have any van pics of their setup with an Amtex unit? I am looking to see how to set up the back of the van. I would hate to run both hoses out the back to connect to the side. I am thinking of running at least a live pressure reel out of the side...
  13. joesclean

    Where to buy a new truck mount? What make do I get?

    Time to buy a new van and truck mount. I have white magic units now (out of business) and need opinions on a great set up. I will get the truth from here instead of a salesman!! Was thinking of going through for the complete package, any ideas on where to go and what to get? Thanks TMF
  14. joesclean

    xactimate HELP??

    I went to a water damage course and the instructor mentioned of a compnay that will do the xactimate invoices for you for around $80. Has anyone heard of this? I could use their help!!
  15. joesclean

    How much would you pay for a customer list?

    Local competitor just went out of business and I would like his customer list along with his old phone number. He asked me what its worth??? I have no idea. Has anyone bought a list before, or have any ideas
  16. joesclean

    Studebacker Airpath, Is it worth it?

    Is anyone using the studebacker? Thinking of trying that instead of the snail for faster drying times.