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  1. dacraig

    BIG THANKS to Ken J (Cosway-Canada)

    Just wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to Ken J of Cosway in Mississauga, ON. :D He went out of his way to meet me at his office on a Sunday at noon to allow me to pick up the chem's I ordered from him. We talked for a while regarding our equipment and techniques and he's a genuinely stand...
  2. dacraig

    Hotel Smoking Floor Quote

    Hey guys, I have a hotel in my area who is removing the smoking wing from their hotel. They are interested in getting the carpets cleaned to remove the smell. Normally with rentals who want to get rid of smoke smell I use Chemspec DFC 210 prespray mixed with a local companies...
  3. dacraig

    Inline sprayer problems

    Hey guys, My plunger (pictured here (on left) isn't operating freely in my inline sprayer. I have to push down like crazy to get it to spray and then sometimes it keeps spraying a small stream after I release the trigger. I am away from my shop right now, but my next step is going to...
  4. dacraig

    Steam Box?

    Has anyone heard of these machines? A competitor opened up fairly close to me, I'm not worried as he's marketing "gum be gone" (name of the business) and then seems to be offering carpet and hard surface as additional...
  5. dacraig

    Matress Cleaning Prices

    Hey Guys, I have seen the TMF price list but I'm just wondering what you all are charging for cleaning mattresses...
  6. dacraig

    My Website...thoughts?

    Just finished my website guys...:) what do you guys think?
  7. dacraig

    domain name - what do you think?

    hhcarpetcleaning. or healthyhomecc. (it's probably going to be .ca) or any other suggestions. Thanks
  8. dacraig

    Website Pictures

    Hey Guys, I just ad a quick question regarding pictures on peoples websites. I was just wondering what the "rules" are regarding this...I know that 90% of the pictures on most people sites aren't taken by them or their photographers...are there copyright issues here? If I google "baby on...
  9. dacraig

    Need a new Upholstery Canada

    Hey guys, I have been using the remnants of my Chem-Spec Pre-Kleen for Upholstery...that stuff worked great for they don't supply it in Canada anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions on what a good replacement would be? Let me know what you guys have had success with. I'll...
  10. dacraig

    GoDaddy website builder

    I'm not expecting much from this, but I know GoDaddy has some pretty decent pricing on build your own website services. I know this is basic website design, and nowhere near the quality of Tre's or other services, but has anyone used this? Any luck? Examples? Thanks
  11. dacraig


    I purchased the "FAUCET ADAPTOR (how they spell it on their website, should have been a clue) SET UNIVERSAL" AX21 from Interlink Supply. Asking the guys at the Louiseville store when I was in KY if this is what I needed (hooking up a garden hose to a house faucet) and they said, "of course...
  12. dacraig

    Valve body for upholstery tool

    Hey guys, The valve body for my upholstery tool (you know, the main part where everything comes together, pretty sure it's called a valve body) is cracked and I need a replacement. Does anyone know a good place to get one? Thanks
  13. dacraig

    I'm dumb, lol

    HA...I just realized my new (used) Steamin Demon came without a drain plug in it:eek:...which means the pics I posted in "My First Before and After pics.", were...
  14. dacraig

    My First Before and After pics.

    Hey Guys, Here's Healthy Home's first before and after pics. This was 25 yr old cgd in a restaurant/bar, traffic lane between the kitchen and the dining room (immediately after the kitchen door) my process was simple. Prespray, agitate with a grandi brush, wait 10 minutes, extract with...
  15. dacraig

    My past Week

    Well...after a year of research, training, support from TMF and trying to secure funding to buy a TM/Van or Trailer set up...I decided to radically revamp my business plan. I looked at an idea I had dismissed a few months ago, and due to recent events, began to research it further. Well...
  16. dacraig

    Which Quickbooks should I get?

    If I'm just starting out, going to have a 1 man, out of home, small operation going, will I be okay with Quickbooks "Easy Start"? I have never used either program, and I'm not worried about it as I'm fairly savvy at these things, but I don't want to have to spend and extra $50+ if I don't...
  17. dacraig

    Grandi Groomer or Brush

    I need to buy a Grandi...from your experience do you recommend the groomer or brush?
  18. dacraig

    TMF/MB truce?

    Rob is this true? I was reading on MB that you and Mikey have made a truce and decided to involve yourselves in each others boards?! I think it's a great idea...those guys over there have a lot of knowledge and experience that can benefit new and old cleaners long as everyone can...
  19. dacraig

    Dealers refusing to work on machine?

    Hey Guys, I recently found a dealer that flat out told me if I bought a machine somewhere else they would not work on it, warranty or otherwise. I had previously been told by the manufacturer that I would be able to do this. When I contacted the manufacturer after I talked to the dealer...
  20. dacraig

    Water Softener

    Hey Guys, Anyone ever used one of these bad boys? I was reading about them on another forum and they seem to do a good job... for $285 it's not a bad deal.
  21. dacraig

    Name for new company

    Hey Guys, So here's a quick poll I would appreciate hearing from you guys. The name of my company. I'm about to head to a meeting within the next month to present my business plan and ideas for some financial support (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) and I used to be stuck on "Greener...
  22. dacraig

    1st Thread

    Welcome to the NEW Carpet Repair and Hard Surface Repair board!!!:bigsmiley:
  23. dacraig


    So, I was at an auction the other day, and they were selling one of these, ... I have been to many auctions lately and these (easy kleen) ones are everywhere, I have seen them sell from $1200-$1800 So I was thinking, if you had one of these, could you get a separate motor/blower combo to...
  24. dacraig

    How bad can it really be?

    This is throwing it way out there...but how bad of shape is too bad of shape? I have an opportunity to buy an older TM for less then $1000. I haven't had a chance to go look at it yet, but I'm talking to the guy today. It's an 18hp, 3LL and a Cat 3CP pump. The HX is crapped out but he's...
  25. dacraig

    Greatest Tile and Grout Cleaning Video Ever!

    I was trolling on youtube and found this delicious gem of a video. I have to was dirtier before!