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    What if a tenant doesn't pay for the carpet cleaning..?

    Landlord or management company are 9 times out of ten the ones that hire me and pay me. Having said that when a tenet does hire me its payment upon completion no exceptions
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    Pool Table?

    @wandwizard i think im gonna go with the politely decline option lol. Thanks for the imput broth i appreciate you
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    Pool Table?

    Has anyone ever cleaned one? Ive never done one before was wondering if anyone ever has and if they had any advice. Had a client request it.
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    What do yall think?

    Just finished a portable eurotec burner for a client.
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    For Sale: Prochem Truckmount Everest 870HP

    Two reels is handy if you duel wand alot
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    Looking to buy your truckmount This may fit your budget, im in southwest Missouri
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    CDS 4.8

    Is it a module or pod machine
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    When do you stop guaranteeing work for a problem customer?

    Dont wory about the review brother, reply to it professionally with your side of it and then bury it with good reviews.
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    minor recovery tank cracks on nautilus extreme Or fix it yourself, easy
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    Filter Cleaning Station?

    We use a 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled in the bottom and sides towards the bottomdrill the holes big enough for water to escape but not the chuncks of lint and hair set the filter basket on top or in it and spray off with a hose could use a smaller trash can as well if needing something bigger
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    Thermal wave 2 For Sale

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    Thermal wave 2 For Sale

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    Thermal wave 2 For Sale

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    Thermal wave 2 For Sale

    Thermal wave two with freshwater belly tank, 4k hours new head, and rings, new powder coat, heat exchange delete comes with eurotec disel burner and fuel cell for diesel. Electric hose real vac hose for sale 7500 obo
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    Got Covid again

    Just proves they're nothing but a bunch of worthless liars, that have done their level best to destroy our country, sorry the vaccine is useless this has been proven time and time again. Id love to see how many politicians are on Pfizer and Modernas payroll, bet the biden family is top on the...
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    Got your VCI (vax) pass? Gonna need it to do business soon…

    Oh ya been their game for years if they dont like you calling them out on their bullshit its a conspiracy if you win an argument and prove them wrong you're a racist its such a well refined script for them.
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    Over speed

    Seems like theres a thread in here somewhere from a long time ago where ben discussed the water injection at length. If i can remember right it was a heavy mist but i may be wrong. As far as performance it allows you to crank you HGs up and not overheat the blower
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    Over speed

    Ive heard of guys overspeeeding them, not sure if the return would be worth it though it would prob hold up im sure but the more rpms the louder its gonna be and im not sure how many cfms you would really gain from it. If it was me id free flow it with no restrictions and a kunkle valve and run...
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    Prochem Everest question

    Couple hundred in parts and a little bit of time
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    Prochem Everest question

    Not absolutely sure its been years since ive had everests but you should be able to run a separate high pressure circuit off the other high pressure outlet on the pump with a high pressure ball valve.
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    Got Covid again

    You really wouldnt believe the amount of trauma cleans we did last year mostly college age kids its actually heartbreaking
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    Marine hose for blower?

    Vacuum blower hose dultmier has it
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    Got Covid again

    Yup, every bit of this.
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    Do you take your prespray into jobs to mix or show your clients what you use?

    Oh i get it and it makes sense, but i usually get the 1000 yard stare from the client when i try to go into that lmao
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    Do you take your prespray into jobs to mix or show your clients what you use?

    Nope most of them could care less, most of mine seam annoyed when i try to explain the technical/chemistry side of it all they care about is end result....sad but true