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    Water weight

    Can you explain that more? Shit for water as in available spigots are hard to find or the water itself is low quality in some way? I have very hard water here that I clean with but I've never had an issue other than battling with some hard water spots anywhere inside the van that gets wet a lot...
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    How to get rid dog odor and stinky dander smells (video)

    I like a lot of what you say here Rob. Citrus solvent additives are a must for these poly carpets or even nylons if they had a hairy/oily dog breed. The CRB is absolutely worth using for agitation and additional hair removal (No matter how much you vacuum first it will always bring up more...
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    Removing paint from concrete

    Jasco Paint stripper. You can buy a few gallons of it, pour it on the floor, scrub it aggressively, then shovel off
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    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    Our minimum has creeped up from $145 to $185 over about the last 5 years and now I try to keep it over $200 for all but like the 90 year old ladies, I cut them a break. I'll still do a spot clean for $100 if I don't have to pull hose off the van but can use a spotting machine or the crb and can...
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    What products are you using on carpets

    Not very soiled, Chemspec Prekleen Enzyme soil lifter Medium soiling, Kleenrite Extreme, still safe for new carpet. Heavy soiling, Prochem Ultrapac Extreme. However I might look for an alternative that doesn't have D-limonene. I'm messy with my chemicals in that I get them on my hands regularly...
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    I know this has probably been beaten to death..

    Offer options. Maybe he's willing to pay for 10 coats of wax instead of 5, or maybe he only wants 2 coats. Give him a few different prices. Personally I wouldn't ever set up an account with mandatory stripping quarterly, that makes no sense at all and sounds like someone doesn't understand how...
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    Sealing or waxing a sheet vinyl Floor

    wtf was the dude trying to clean with that his vinyl is that nasty? straight water? IMO you worked too hard on this floor. Spray down whatever 13ph tile cleaner you use (why are you using a stripper if there wasn't previously a seal cost on it?), I use CTI Heavy Duty pro clean. Scrub with a 175...
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    Stripping vinyl flooring in an MRI room?

    Okay so I do regular carpet care and an annual CRB buff and mop on some wood textured vinyl planks for an imaging center. Good client, fairly regular with their cleanings, but they recently asked if I could strip and wax some of the old 12x12 vinyl squares in some of the older parts of the...