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  1. WholeLottaCake

    Need help finding a part (chemtex)

    Where can I find a 160 degree water sensor for my chemtex panther, other than from Chemtex? Would prefer to buy from somebody other than chemtex, as they qouted me @ $180 for the part and their customer service staff is pretty rude. Thanks.
  2. WholeLottaCake

    Live Supply hose Reel ??

    Setting up my van with TM for the first time. I bought a live hose reel from harbor freight and 3/8 air hose to use as my supply hose. Just wondering if the brass swivel that comes with the reel is sufficient, or will it choke off the water supply and possibly starve my pump?
  3. WholeLottaCake

    Need suggestions on TM high pressure hoses

    I'm going to have all new high pressure hoses and fittings made for my TM. I have a Parker and an aeroquip store in my area. What are the BEST and most durable hoses and fittings to ask for?
  4. WholeLottaCake

    Rubber Mat - Truckmount Heat

    Am I good to install my TM (chemtex- panther 15) on top of a rubber mat installed in the back of my van? It is a 3/4 inch rubber "cow mat", which is essentially the same material as a hard rubber gym floor or truck bed mat. A little worried about heat. Also, I will be having a metal TM drip pan...
  5. WholeLottaCake

    Ben at AMTEX!!

    I just watched a few of the repair videos Ben at Amtex was so kind to put out there. First, I wanna say thanks to Ben for putting them out there. For the less knowledgable TM guys out there (like me), I can't tell you enough how extremely helpful they are. Second, Ben or any one else with the...
  6. WholeLottaCake

    These air movers any good?

    For drying carpet? No water damage/Resto, just after cleaning carpet. Thanks.
  7. WholeLottaCake

    Possible ride along- VLM ENCAP?

    Anybody willing to help a me out? Would like to setup a ride along for mid to late February for 1 0r preferably 2 days. Within 100 miles or so of Madison, WI. Would like some hands on instruction/experience on how to encap commercial and or residential carpet. I will work hard and even buy you...
  8. WholeLottaCake

    Going to pick up my first TM tomorrow!!!

    Found a Chemtex Panther 15 (at least its not a porty!)for 2K. 240 hrs, in really good shape. Can't wait to start setting up my van! Gonna make a wholelottacake with that badboy! Hopefully,lol.
  9. WholeLottaCake

    Non compete Question??????

    I work part time for a tile and grout restoration/cleaning company, I am starting a carpet cleaning company. Am I in any danger of violating the non compete clause? I will NOT be offering tile and grout services while employed with them and for a duration after. I would like to keep the job for...
  10. WholeLottaCake


    I have a chemtex Panther I was going to go pickup on Wednesday, $2000, 240 hours, runs good (33 blower, 15 HP). Found a workmaster ETM for $1200, 1100 hours, with original lp heater (2l blower, 1- 3 stage vac). Wondering what would be the better buy? Will the workmaster have comparable vacuum to...
  11. WholeLottaCake

    Help out US NEWBS!!!!

    Can you pro's help some of us newbs out? Im looking for a comprehensive list of what chemicals a NEWBIE should have for his first few months in business. IE: Chemical names and the requisite amount to get through a month or two. Also, please be budget conscious. Thanks Boys!!!!