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  1. Joeytechman

    Pump inlet ports

    Either or both inlets' water is pumped to either or both outlets.
  2. Joeytechman

    Pump inlet ports

    One or both can be used, same with outlet ports, makes for more installation configuration variations. Example: you could use one inlet port for water supply, the other for the regulator bypass return.
  3. Joeytechman

    Pressure gauge not showing psi on El Diablo TM

    Some units use an unloader. When water is not flowing out of the system the pump is "unloaded" and the gauge will read zero. When you trigger your cleaning tool, pressure will build and show on the gauge. Be careful turning the pressure adjustment knob when unloaded, it can cause a spike when...
  4. Joeytechman

    boxxer421 pump issue

    Having the orifice swapped would cause the issue you are seeing. The water would circulate from the heat exchanger at a much higher rate than designed. The water box would heat up quickly, the water going to the pump would boil , acting like an air leak. (vapor). I have seen the hoses reversed...
  5. Joeytechman

    Do you wear a mask at every job?

    Do not wear fear on your face.
  6. Joeytechman

    Prochem blazer 1000 psi rebuild help

    Keep the unit stock. I have professional advice if you would like. It looks like a clean old machine. 25 yr technician here. Ask away. WWG1WGA
  7. Joeytechman

    Without Chemical Injection

    I'm glad to hear that the issue seems to be solved. A bit of pulsation is normal with chem systems, and a bit of air will be trapped on the cat pump side of the diaphragm. It should work it's way out.
  8. Joeytechman

    Without Chemical Injection

    You're welcome. Good to hear that you're busy.
  9. Joeytechman

    Without Chemical Injection

    Exactly. There needs to be a path for the pulse to reach the chem pump.
  10. Joeytechman

    Without Chemical Injection

    The Cat pump valve plastic spring " cage" needs to be drilled out for the chem pump to work properly. If the pump was rebuilt, including valves, this small but critical detail is often overlooked.
  11. Joeytechman

    460 Keeps shutting off

    You could try replacing the overheat shutdown relay. It is the relay with wire colors yellow/black and black/blue included in the connector. Having the pressure pump switch off allow the unit recover is an indication of a possible fault in that circuit. The relay is easy and inexpensive to...
  12. Joeytechman

    Sapphire 370SS BOGGING UNDER LOAD!

    I have seen blower belt slippage often described as "bogging". The blower is the majority of the sound the machine makes. When the belts loose grip, the blower slows, and gets quieter, you will hear the clacking engine sound, it's still running full speed. Once you take the load off of the...