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  1. Bexiesbruv

    Diet/Fitness Question

    As has been said, if you are not losing weight (fat) you are eating too much. Eating a "semi shit" diet probably allows the workouts to be maintained and as long as there is adequate protein, will help maintain your lean mass and might even allow for gains, but the continuation of same will...
  2. Bexiesbruv

    Did i over charge on this estimate?

    I think if I were in a similar position of having driven a while and taken time to look at the scope of work, I would have also taken the time to give the price face to face and done whatever it took to secure the business there and then. Had this been done, you would have been able to negotiate...
  3. Bexiesbruv

    Proximity Marketing Beacons

    I just heard about these things. Anyone use it with success in their business. My first impression is they are better served in retail environments but I'm certainly interested to know more (I couldnt really know less than I do right now).
  4. Bexiesbruv

    First Commercial Bid

    I no longer look for commercial. I do it when I get it, then I try to stay top of mind with that client. I dont know what the current thoughts are on generating that business.
  5. Bexiesbruv

    First Commercial Bid

    If you are asking me for sales advice or info, I cant help. I have been involved in service business since 1978 and attended many sales/selling seminars in that time. I'm a sales guy (mediocre at best) that happens to clean carpets.
  6. Bexiesbruv

    First Commercial Bid

    You might have already put in your quote, but if this is of interest, you can always use it as an excuse to follow up and offer something different. Most churches dont allow drinks in the sanctuary, but some do, or they have areas that, almost as soon as they are cleaned, they are dirtied up...
  7. Bexiesbruv

    What % of gross does your advertising run at?

    I thought I would come back and update this. My new YP rep has been trying to convince me to stay on board. I tracked all the calls with their phone numbers in my ads. I excluded duplicate calls and US numbers and also non listed numbers. Gave me 5 calls per month but they say 17. Still not...
  8. Bexiesbruv

    Boxxer 421 diverter operates but............

    I fixed it by reseating all the vac tubes and tie strapping them. I guess one was not fitting right after the engine got replaced.
  9. Bexiesbruv

    Rich client suing her maid over this-Ouch!

    Facts are what count here I would think. The only fact is the rug has been damaged. Do you know exactly how it got damaged, no you don't. Insurance is unlikely to be an avenue for her because she probably has a deductible of maybe $500 (possibly a grand) so the $800 or less balance might not be...
  10. Bexiesbruv

    Boxxer 421

    Not the case with mine, although having no rear heat in the van is an issue for the Dodge I have, but thats another topic.
  11. Bexiesbruv

    Boxxer 421

    I have one and replaced the engine with just 1840 hours on it. Blower oil leaking and getting sucked into the engine was an issue, as well as the smaller stuff like the water box float not working correctly, waste tank float switch never working from day one, intermittent problem with the...
  12. Bexiesbruv

    A year to get a resi customer

    Yeah, I really just wanted to share. This Guy really puts the ick in d...
  13. Bexiesbruv

    A year to get a resi customer

    I bought a couple of floor scrubbers from his father. Buyer beware. I checked one and it was ok. Assured me the other was fine too but he was in a hurry to get his grand kids back to their parents. Took his word for it. Saw the cleaning van in the Apt complex he lived at and mentioned thats what...
  14. Bexiesbruv

    A year to get a resi customer

    Yep, I spoke to this person last year apparently, funny, I dont remember her. She booked, then went on to say that even though I was the most helpful, honest sounding mid priced person she spoke to last year, she went with a competitor. When he arrived, he started to criticize me and the other...
  15. Bexiesbruv

    How much should I pay for these

    IS that mytee corner tool worth buying? Not really worried so much about cost right now, just whether it works good for corners, two jobs coming up with lots of inside corners and I am going to need something.
  16. Bexiesbruv

    What % of gross does your advertising run at?

    .0005 is so precise, but then you preface it with "about". Funny. Well, its funny to me.
  17. Bexiesbruv

    Best price on Super Zorbs and SZ Mini?

    Cant find any dealers in Canada. One doesnt do business with HOS anymore and the other cant be bothered to get a price. Anyone have a dealer I can go to with decent pricing please? Cheers Bex
  18. Bexiesbruv

    What % of gross does your advertising run at?

    I wrestled with the decision, thats for sure. In the end, it came down to whether I felt I would be able to (honestly) put the time and effort into my own marketing efforts. I think I mentioned that before, and the answer was no. I have a hard time scheduling myself to do anything other than...
  19. Bexiesbruv

    VLM - Lets Talk!

    AS the old Scouting motto states "Be prepared!" Rental unit yesterday. Dog crap in the shag in 3 bedrooms. Dog crap stains and urine in the basement cement. TM on the carpet, 45 minutes Orbitec OP machine and a white burnishing pad to scrub the cement pad while the carpet is being cleaned. Then...
  20. Bexiesbruv

    What % of gross does your advertising run at?

    Here is an update. YP gave me a deal that was worth it to me to do. I get online, paper and mobile for less than half I was paying. So far its paying off. The mobile placement is what is making the difference, its higher than last year and getting me calls.
  21. Bexiesbruv

    Found a bit of information that may interest you.

    A little late to the parade here but I was just checking out these machines and saw this machine running in a shop recently. It was being used to remove smoke from a mattress. I asked the Guy if we should be in the shop with an ozone machine running with such a high output. He told me it was OK...
  22. Bexiesbruv

    Winter work

    Mine were on my Hydramaster Boxxer 421 and must have been glycerin then because they froze. As for the low teens temps. I doubt you need more than the RV AF and a blanket or the heater. But to be safe and if you do not intend to use the TM for a while, fill it up and forget it. Put the heater...
  23. Bexiesbruv

    Winter work

    What temps are you expecting, as the lowest likely?
  24. Bexiesbruv

    Winter work

    I guess to say it correctly, break the wind and the metal will cool off slowly, yes. But according to that article, if its -10, the metal cannot get below -10 no matter how much the wind blows. It can just get there quicker if the wind blows on it. so that would be why my hose froze. Because the...