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    Nylon vs. Polyester

    Oil bonds to polyester, a soap free product like Procyon, is limited to activating surfactant residues in the carpet to remove oil. Also Procyon does not penetrate the depths of the pile like a pre-spray with surfactants. Unless bonded to oil, soil will gather at the base of polyester fibers...
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    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    For me, it was a great sense of relief. I have a disabled daughter living with us. The summer before Covid, we almost lost her. We knew that getting Covid was for her a death sentence. My wife and I basically lived like hermits to protect her. Everyone that I know who has been vaccinated...
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    Prespray Temperature

    A scientific answer is a term called cloud point which relates to pre-sprays with non-ionic surfactants. At certain temperatures a cleaning solution will become cloudy. The temperature just before it clouds provides the best cleaning. When designing pre-sprays to be used with HF sprayer I aim...
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    procyon plus vs carpet details

    I love "soap free" products as a rinse, but they need to include a corrosion inhibitor to protect metals. As pre-spray "soap free" products have limitations as discussed in the article linked above. In short, most pre-sprays have solvents, surfactants and alkaline builders. Soap free"...
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    procyon plus vs carpet details

    STPP is an amazing raw material which is the dominant raw in all "soap free" products. These products excel at activating and using soap residues to help clean the carpet. Once these soap residues are mostly removed then these product are average at best in cleaning carpet...
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    Encapping Upholstery

    I am working with some new microfiber pads and looking for a professional palm sander. Any leads would be helpful. As cleaners we should offer different levels of cleaning at different price points. The condition of some upholstery demands extraction and for others extraction is...
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    Tips for getting into area rugs top down style.

    Low moisture cleaning is easier and safer in the home than extraction cleaning. Cleaning with a counter rotating brush machine with the softest brush selection for wool takes care of excessive agitation for almost all rugs except some fragile antique rugs, slitted surface kilims, and chain...
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    Will you require your employees to take the rona vax?

    My suggestion is make the choice to take it. This will be voluntary. If you do not like the new vaccine approach then take the Johnson's and Johnson's which is more like other vaccinations we all have taken. For the vast majority of us a decision to get it is more about society than us. I...
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    Best shower cleaning chemicals

    Viper Resuscitate
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    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    Truckmount manufacturers typically do not honor warranties regarding hard water over 3 grains, Salt Lake has very hard water at 12 to 15 grains. High heat can acerbate the issue of sediment. 5 grains would be considered softer water, but there still could be an issue. Water from wells would...
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    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    The issue with the clogging is most likely do to hard water and a need for descaling. Soft water is the answer to your problem. It is not the powders fault.. I attached a few article regarding this issue.
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    Is USR too old to use if it doesn't burn my hands?

    Most urine stain removers do not have a level of H2O2 to burn your hand. It will whiten your skin to a degree. Encap O2 diluted will not even whiten your skin. Both are still effective as the higher level of H2O2 is not necessary to be functional according to directions. H2O2 spotters will...
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    "Lost History"

    Well that explains alot. No wonder I knew so few of the above companies as I am a chemical guy. I love chemical dispensers but know little about their history.
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    "Lost History"

    I have been around for 22 years and I only remember Steam Genie, White Magic and Steamway Intl. You can add Chemeisters to the list.
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    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other

    Is there a canvas backing? If it is, then some of the sand could be broken down glue applied to hold the rug together.
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    Filthy wool rug retains dirt like no other

    I have dealt with rugs like this before and the type of rug construction impacts this characteristic. Turkish knot rugs generally do not have a depressed warp and generally vacuum readily. A Persian Bidjar, has a Turkish knot, but a depressed warp and is called the iron rug. A depressed warp...
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    Pre-Spray Question

    We tested this out about 18 years ago when we introduced End Zone and Zone Perfect. End Zone is diluted 1 to 320 and Zone Perfect 1 to 32. It took the pH of the pre-spray from 9.3 to 8.9. However, End Zone has cleaning ingredients different than Zone Perfect. The result is a slight loss of...
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    How much schooling did you have?

    I have 18 years of school back when they taught you to think and encouraged you to pursue learning with passion all of your life. Education is one aspect of learning. Creative and observant minds do not need education to learn. My degree was not in chemistry, but Bridgepoint gave me the...
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    How industry politics work & how it affects you! (Video)

    It is really hard to be successful long term if you do not create a win for your company, a win for distributors, and a win for the cleaner. I know that politics are in our industry, but I have been able to ignore and focus on making winning formulas since 2001. Of course, my aim has never...
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    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    We did a lab test many years ago that is instructive in this situation. We weighed a small nylon and polyester carpet along with pad. We weighed out the exact amount of money and applied it to the carpet and pad in a tray, We dried both with a spot claw using only a spotting machine. We...
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    Really miss the old TMF days!

    Facebook moves too fast for me. I remember getting criticized for writing 3 sentences, even though that person ran a five minute video. I asked him how long it took to read three sentences versus listen to a five minute video. He got the point and laughed. It is hard for me to give any...
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    Matrix all fiber rinse

    Thanks for giving my voice life with a good forum discussion!! 40 volume converts to 12% hydrogen peroxide which is 50% stronger than any of our products. When you cross the 8% threshold the product faces more regulatory reviews. One primary item that cleaners miss in their home made brews...
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    Matrix all fiber rinse

    I have heard of bottled hydrogen peroxide products exploding in vans. I am also thinking of van accidents where bottles are ripped open with flammable contents leaking out. 32 ounces in headpack is still only 1 part in 320 (.3%) when metered normally through most truckmounts. After a few...
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    Matrix all fiber rinse

    As a manufacturer who has to follow regulations for all states, I am limited in the amount that I can add. Based on these limits, alcohol does not do much. However, if you add MUCH more than we are allowed then you can see these properties. I would hesitate to recommend on a public forum...
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    Matrix all fiber rinse

    Alcohol is a solvent and works at the right level. It is soluble in water like glycol ether EB, DB, DPM, propandiol, etc. These solvents are used more readily as their flash point is over 100 degrees F. Alcohol is a 73 degree F flashpoint which is dangerous in a manufacturing plant. We...