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  1. Smtwn janitorial

    How to clean this

    I rarely, if ever clean rugs. I do almost exclusively commercial carpets. I'm cleaning a friend's carpet tomorrow and she said this rug got urine on it from a visiting dog. It looks like something I don't want to clean. Suggestions?
  2. Smtwn janitorial

    Food safe strong cleaner?

    I have a janitor account with a popcorn machine that we clean out every night. I haven't found anything food safe that degreases well. Any suggestions?
  3. Smtwn janitorial

    Real or Marketing bull?

    I am shopping for a new auto scrubber. One of the machines Im looking at has this "no chemical" water clean technology. It adds about $1300 to the cost of the scrubber. I would try to explain it but I would just screw it up, so here is the link...
  4. Smtwn janitorial

    Wedding ring danger

    This is not carpet cleaning related, but interesting. I was on the phone while disconnecting my battery on my travel trailer earlier. I arced my crescent wrench through my ring to the opposite battery post. Pretty knarly burn. Had to run to the dogs water bowl to get the ring cooled down enough...
  5. Smtwn janitorial

    CRB vs OP

    This topic belongs in several forum areas, but since I do janitorial I'll stick it here. Some of you have used both OP machines like orbots and also have used CRB machines like the brush pro. What are your likes/dislikes. When do you pick one above the other? Carpet? Tile and grout? The reason...
  6. Smtwn janitorial

    Carpet squares

    I have an account with new glue on carpet squares. They are less than a year old. I used my portable to clean them last time because I didn't have the vibe yet. Now I was going to use the vibe. On another forum recently someone had pictures and a thread about the edges getting frayed and doing...
  7. Smtwn janitorial

    Encapsulation Test

    The debate will continue on forever most likely, but Im doing an informal encap test on my janitorial accounts. Many claim(and might be partially correct) that encap cleaning just moves the dirt around. I have cleaned a commercial power company building for over 10 yrs. For the last 10 of...
  8. Smtwn janitorial

    Choose any 28in autoscrubber.

    I have a customer who we do floors for twice a week. Its a busy hardware store. Family owned and operated. They went through 3 floor companies, and then several "by the hour" floor people on payroll that just stole from them, broke things, or looked at garbage on their computers. My wife and...
  9. Smtwn janitorial

    Tire "stains" on VCT

    With all the knowledge on here I figured someone could give me a better answer to something I have been dealing with for years. I have a VCT floor account of a Hardware store. Wherever they put wheelbarrows, carts, minibikes, etc with rubber tires it quickly yellows the vct, and can even...
  10. Smtwn janitorial

    Vibe at work!

    Busy working, but a quick shot of the vibe cleaning a library. Carpets haven't been cleaned in about 2 yrs and haven't been hwe for many, many years. So far the vibe is working very well. I'm new to vlm and not a carpet expert but I'll give it a good review tomorrow. I do have my portable here...
  11. Smtwn janitorial

    Super wide vacuums

    Any of you use commercial wide vacuums? Like 24in plus? I just found a 30in tornado wide area vacuum on Craigslist super cheap. I'm getting it I just wondered if you all have used them. I have a job with 5k sq feet of low pile carpet that I vacuum every night. Light soil. I was using a 15in wide...
  12. Smtwn janitorial

    Microfiber mop usage

    We all know how unsanitary old fashioned mops are. Many of us use microfiber mops for many reasons. Less water, less chemical, faster?, possibly more sanitary... I use them in most of my janitorial accounts, but I haven't been using them in a series of health clinics that I clean because they...
  13. Smtwn janitorial


    Who has significant experience with Marmoleum? A client we work for is opening a new 9k sq foot clinic and they just installed marmoleum in most of it. After reading the manufacturers directions Im already dreading it. They try to market it as a low maintenance product that doesn't have to be...
  14. Smtwn janitorial

    New floor type for me

    Just got a new Janitorial job last week. Its a Les Schwab tire Center. They have the strangest floor. It was put in about two years ago as an experiment for the company. They wanted lower maintenance floors that were still attractive. I don't know what to call the flooring, but the company...
  15. Smtwn janitorial

    Help with VLM library Job.

    I am new to carpet. In fact I only do carpet when my commercial janitorial account jobs have it in their contracts. This site has helped me to do a decent job with a portable I found on Craigslist. I am getting good quality results with decent chemicals and equipment at my jobs. But one of...