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  1. Smtwn janitorial

    What’s the portable “sweet spot”?

    They don't have a sweet spot. They are all lacking in some way. Only so much power per amp, and who wants to find three circuits. But the newest mytee has some great features and likely has the most suck. The escape lite or whatever it's called. Auto dump and fill are the first requirement.
  2. Smtwn janitorial

    What’s the best & worst part of being a business owner?

    Best part? Freedom. I can pick my days off. Let's me prioritize more important things in their proper place. Not enslaved to a schedule or an agenda. Having some employees can add to the freedom. I went through cancer treatment most of last year at 32 yrs old. Took many days and even almost 2...
  3. Smtwn janitorial

    What are some best things you did in business this year?

    I didn't lose one janitorial account despite getting cancer at 32 yrs old, going through chemo, radiation, surgery, more chemo... Almost done. I appear to be healthy again.
  4. Smtwn janitorial

    Greatest economy in my 40 year business

    Where I live, it feels exactly like it did before the last crash. Every contractor has been building homes as fast as they can, real estate is crazy overpriced, and all the younger people I know are In stupid debt.
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    I worked at a golf course through high school and played almost daily. I enjoyed it alot. I still play a few times a year, but not as much as I'd like.
  6. Smtwn janitorial

    Greatest economy in my 40 year business

    Reduce debt. Live within your means. There is always work for people willing to do it.
  7. Smtwn janitorial

    Shipping carpet cleaning vans and truck mounts

    There is a website called uship and it lets independent shippers bid or five you prices. I've seen it work very cheap.
  8. Smtwn janitorial

    24" tony dang wand, have you used one?

    I cant see that wand being very effective without a 56 blower, and some 2.5 inch hose.
  9. Smtwn janitorial

    Truckmount recalls

    I haven't heard of very many problems that are that consistent or serious. Mostly small problems that are blown out of proportion. Any decent dealer should be able to fix them fairly easy under warranty.
  10. Smtwn janitorial

    Fuel vaporising

    Where is your fuel tank? Taped into the van? Full tank of fuel will heat up slower. You can add a fuel cooler if your handy and it's a constant problem.
  11. Smtwn janitorial

    Floor finish

    I've been using ishine lately too. We scrub and buff once a week in a high traffic hardware store. I'd get with your supplier and which was you use depends on how much you want to maintain.
  12. Smtwn janitorial

    Would you hire a cigarette smoker?

    I have one lady who does janitorial for me that smokes. I think it's dumb, especially because she is always broke and has kids/grandchildren, but she is a hard worker and she works alone so I don't mind. She wants to quit but hasn't been able to. It's a rough addiction, no doubt. I give people...
  13. Smtwn janitorial

    Does smoking weed help or hurt a business?

    Being that I have cancer at 32 yrs old, I read dozens of books, forums, visited a dozen or more oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, generals, ECT... And have heard it all. Plenty of folks have told me it was their miracle drug. No one has the real answers though. There are way too many...
  14. Smtwn janitorial

    Does smoking weed help or hurt a business?

    Just the smell makes me sick. I've lived near Humboldt county all my life and seen the effects of the marijauna market for 30yrs. I wouldn't hire anyone who regularly smokes it, let alone work or drive under the influence with my business reputation on the line.
  15. Smtwn janitorial

    Spray buffing techniques

    I dont really seen the need to spray buff these days. I thought it was so older technique. When and why do you use it? I've done it, but I prefer to autoscrub and buff.
  16. Smtwn janitorial


    Except half the country never freezes. I think hydro force should just come out with a built in small pressure regulator inline.
  17. Smtwn janitorial


    That is a really good idea. A small 12volt pump could easily run off your truck battery. Only downside I see is the line that long would actually hold a substantial amount of pre spray. Not an issue if you use your truck every day. I use mine a few times a month, so it would clog up.
  18. Smtwn janitorial

    I now give you the finger....

    Ouch. Sorry to hear that. You don't even have a cool story to go with it. Heal up.
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    I haven't found one I really like. I love the speed of the hydro force, but I don't use it over 250psi, and even then it fills the air with mist. I need to try some different tips with it. The worx and other battery sprayers held closer to the carpet work well, but I don't like pre mixing a...
  20. Smtwn janitorial


    All these posts and not one person mentioned that how you spray your pre spray has an enormous effect on how much you breath in. I'm not en expert because I don't do carpet every day like some of you. But I do have a hydro force and several pump/battery sprayers. Using 400+psi and spraying with...
  21. Smtwn janitorial

    Health Risks and Chemistry

    I have cancer and I try to stay reasonable about my chemical intake. Most don't take even the most basic precautions of gloves or a respirator while mixing. Use correct pressure with your hydro force, correct jets, keep it close to the carpet. There are many many accusations about chemicals...
  22. Smtwn janitorial

    Time to make a change

    I can see feeling that way. I schedule all my strip and wax jobs for holidays and long weekends. My wife and I work 2-3 hours a night and get home by 8. And take two months a year off. We make what a good single truck residential operation makes. But I have all day free. Key is getting the...
  23. Smtwn janitorial

    Floor still wet after 24 hrs, customer complaining of smell. how do i go about re-cleaning?

    On second thought, I might just encap it with some microfiber bonnets. You already flushed it out. I'd use a bonnet pro or release it encap product with an op machine or 175. It wont be wet enough to wick and should smell decent.
  24. Smtwn janitorial

    Floor still wet after 24 hrs, customer complaining of smell. how do i go about re-cleaning?

    I have never had much luck with rotary machines on that kind of carpet. A wand with dry strokes, as much heat as you can, and fans should help. As for the chems I'll let someone else contribute.