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  1. GreenTechAgain

    First VCT Strip and Seal – Any advice appreciated!

    What am I in for?
  2. GreenTechAgain

    Good deal for anyone considering a Mytee Extractor
  3. GreenTechAgain

    Hydro-Force Hardwood Preservation Finish

    Has anyone had any issues with the Hydro-Force Hardwood Preservation Finish? I have used it a few times with no issues and great results. But the last time the finish was “waxy”. The last container that I got had a different label than the rest. Has the formula changed? Did I apply it too...
  4. GreenTechAgain

    Please share thoughts, examples of Reminder Cards.

    Finally going to get some reminder cards going. Would you guys please share what has worked for you. Some examples would be great. @Todd the Cleaner I know you have posted some examples, would you mind again. Thanks.
  5. GreenTechAgain

    Switching from Verizon to ATT Wireless

    Has anybody switched from Verizon Wireless to ATT and regretted it? They offered me $900 in credit towards my bill and a iPad for $99 to switch. I have never used anybody but Verizon for cell phone service. I have been with them before they were Verizon, before they were Bell Atlantic Mobile...
  6. GreenTechAgain

    Wrap the "Family" Car? Poll

    Do you think wrapping your family car with your company is a good choice or bad? What do you think are the benefits or disadvantages?
  7. GreenTechAgain

    Lawyer "Insurance", unlimited legal advise.

    I hope that this may be of a help to my fellow TMFers. Joined a legal service that offers unlimited legal advise by an attorney anytime. They will make phone calls or write letters on your behalf. Review contracts and legal documents. They will prepare Wills and Living Wills included. If you...
  8. GreenTechAgain

    Anyone work in Homosassa, FL

    If so, please PM me for customer info looking for a local CCer.
  9. GreenTechAgain

    Anyone using ITEX or other bartering service?

    Is anybody using them or familiar with their service? You sell your service to other members for your regular price, but instead you are paid in an equal amount of "ITEX" dollars that are placed into your account. My first thought is that it is a little expensive. 6% off the top when paid in...
  10. GreenTechAgain

    Anyone familiar with Nacecare LoLine 13?

    Has anyone used this machine? 40lbs and low profile. Thanks
  11. GreenTechAgain

    Anyone familiar with Ultrachemlabs - Clean?

    Is anyone familiar with their product, clean? They say NOT to use a bonnet on carpet, just a white pad. Thanks.
  12. GreenTechAgain

    Anyone have an RX-20 Pad Driver for sale?

    Anyone have an RX-20 Pad Driver for sale?
  13. GreenTechAgain

    There was a line around the block...

    ...of guys taking about buying a Mytee Upholstery tool. Now I don't hear anything else about the tool. Anyone actually buy one and have an opinion?
  14. GreenTechAgain

    4 Jet wand with 500psi portable

    Thinking about getting a 12 inch 1.5, 4 jet wand to use with my 500 psi portable. I don't do much work with the portable, just really want a back up system. Would also like a back up wand for my TM, and maybe to use in tight areas like trailer with 1.5 inch hose. Is this "too much" wand for a...
  15. GreenTechAgain

    Home address or PO Box?

    I was using my home address for all of my listings, including my web site. I have moved to a new address. I would rather not use my home address simply for privacy issues. Does it hurt your ranking with local Google to use a PO Box address? Thanks.
  16. GreenTechAgain

    Great deal on 15 inch Whittaker CRB
  17. GreenTechAgain

    This is a great ad.

    Subtle, appeals to women and pet owners.
  18. GreenTechAgain

    Could this SS price be right?

    It is not too often that I see SS operating in my area, so I am not too familiar with customer's opinions of them. I did a job yesterday outside my normal area where I do see SS trucks often. Customer told me they called and were quoted $450.00 for 3 rooms and HW. Anyone familiar with their...
  19. GreenTechAgain

    Well equipped, low hour package for a reasonable price on ebay
  20. GreenTechAgain

    5 arounds...are you guys doing it?

    Hate to admit it, but I have completely fallen out of the habit of doing 5 arounds. For you guys that do, how successful is it for you?
  21. GreenTechAgain

    Hard water area...descale tools as well?

    I have really hard water in my area and wondering if I need to descale my tools as well? Also, guys that are in hard water areas, how often do you descale your TM? Thanks.
  22. GreenTechAgain

    WTF tile job?

    Did a tile and grout job yesterday for a referral by a repeat customer. House was immaculate. White grout lines, moderate soil in kitchen and traffic area. Aside from the kitchen the rest of the grout lines looked like then have never been walked on. Very well maintained home. Put down my...
  23. GreenTechAgain

    Anybody use the Photobucket "No Ads" option?

    If so, does it run any faster? That site is always painfully slow waiting for all the ads to load.
  24. GreenTechAgain

    Granite Bath Sink Restoration

    Have a customer who is the PM for absent owner. The owner previously occupied the property and had this expensive sink and fixture. Now they have been renting and the previous renters destroyed the sink top. I'm just trying to help the PM decide if it is worth the cost of having someone come...
  25. GreenTechAgain

    National Do Not Call Registry

    Has anyone listed their business phone? Would like to cut down on sales calls, but afraid it may have an effect on customers calling.