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  1. kleen14u

    Grout Cleaning

    Has anybody ever thought about making a brush head like this one but out of bristles like Dave's grout brushes for something like an edger or hot rod for nasty grout like restaurants have.
  2. kleen14u

    What would you do?

    I have a Bruin 2 and a Steam Action machine and 1 needs to go and here is my dilemma. I have built the bruin 2 from ground up including rebuilding the underside which rots out but I have cut away all unnecessary metal around the engine and relocated several components for ease of maintenance and...
  3. kleen14u

    Absolutely Kleen

    Absolutely Kleen is a family owned and operated Carpet, Upholstery and Tile/Grout Cleaning service established in 1986. Our process uses the Truck-Mounted steam cleaning method where only the hoses and cleaning attachment enter your home. We service the Daphne, Spanish Fort, Fairhope, Gulf...
  4. kleen14u

    SteamAction Machine

    I bought 2 Steam Action machines today that I found in a warehouse. One is a small machine with a #33 blower and shows 495 hrs on the meter and the second one is like a Stealth with a 29 hp water cooled Kawasaki and it appears to be fuel injected. There are 2 lines coming from the carb/throttle...
  5. kleen14u

    Anybody Using Using Encap for a Rinse ?

    Recently I started experimenting with S/O/E (from Joe) as a rinse and was amazed at how much faster the drying times were. Anybody using an encap product as a rinse?
  6. kleen14u

    Cheap Gum Remover

    Another old Hydro Force used to make this . Just added a 2504 jet . Hook it to your solution line and place your vacuum cuff over the gum at an angle . Turn your solution valve on and watch the gum disappear in 10 seconds or less ....sometimes as little as 2 or 3 seconds and no money to waste on...
  7. kleen14u

    5 gallon hydro force sprayer with a Headpack jug

    Since I work by myself and get tired of stopping to mix up chemicals on large jobs I made this . I took a stock Hydro Force cap and cut the center out of the lid on the headpack jug so that the Hydro Force cap would fit in . Plastic welded it in place and then added a hose long enough to reach...
  8. kleen14u

    Wool carpet with urine stains

    I have a customer with a wool carpet and several urine stains . I got all of them out with an acid spotter but 2 remain . They lightened up considerably but I'm not happy with the results . I understand that oxidizers ( peroxide ) degrade wool but at what percent can I apply this and be safe or...
  9. kleen14u


    How many people keep extra parts on hand for unforseen issues . Extra belts , fittings , hose repairs and etc... it is the difference between staying to finish and leaving to come back and finish . JMO . Am trying to stock pile all of the unforseen's including a extra blower , pump and motor...
  10. kleen14u

    Quick Connects

    It seems like everything else the quality of quick connects has gone down and the price has gone up. The O-rings are easy to replace but the poppet valves dont seem to last . What is the best quick connect on the market as far as durability and longevity ?
  11. kleen14u

    FlashXtractor vs Water Claw

    For minimal use is the Water Claw better than the FlashXtractor ? Mainly would be using it for pet stains, wick back stains and small water leaks such as an A/C overflow in a hallway . Don't really want to get on my hands and knees with the small spotter model .
  12. kleen14u

    Wand Glides

    Is there that much difference in running a glide to oposed to running non-glided ( bare-backed ) wand ? I'm still stuck back in the stone age and run a ProChem Quad ( a heavy SOB ) and a 2" PMF wand (Probably 8 lb ) unglided . As I near the age of 50 tell tale signs are starting to rear their...
  13. kleen14u

    Best Vacuum Cleaner

    This has probably been beat like a dead horse, but in your opinon , What is the best vacuum cleaner and Why ? I have been using the Sanitare vacuum cleaner and like it alot apart from it eating belts. Brand new and shipped to my door was about $ 185.00 off of Ebay . It's bagless and that's a...
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    Who on this forum builds wed sites ? My email is [email protected] . Please contact me so we can discuss this .
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    What is the most effective way to clean fringe ? Talked to Teje at Nick's and he said he would power wash them . I have done this on Olefin rugs but would be hesitant on a natural fiber fringe . Anybody else every used this method on a natural ( cotten ) fringe .
  16. kleen14u

    What is the Difference ?

    I thought VLM ,Encapping & Padcapping all used an encapsulation product with different method's of scrubbing and extracting . Can somebody elaborate and explain the difference ?
  17. kleen14u

    Nose Bleeds and Injection Sprayers

    I tried some Cobbs PM on some greasy restaurants and it worked great.....but I woke up in the middle of the night with my pillow soaking wet with blood. My thought was the chemical being atomized with high temps thru the hydra force had dried my sinus's out. This has happened to me twice and...
  18. kleen14u

    Purchasing Domain Names

    Where would be the best place to purchase a domain name ? GoDaddy or some place like that ? What if your company name isn't available ? Any creative idea's for a .com . My company is Absolutely Kleen and the reason for this weird name is that when I was 19 or 20 and broke there was not internet...
  19. kleen14u

    Cat Pump 5CP

    Anybody needing a new 5CP Cat pump ? Delivered to your door $ 497.00 Water Cannon - 5CP3120 Shaft Drive Series
  20. kleen14u

    CRB on Ebay

    Looks like a nice CRB on ebay . Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning Machine | eBay
  21. kleen14u

    What do you Guy's do to rest and relax and get away from stress ?

    Yes, I know I've posted this on another forum but it helps me get to know you all away from cleaning . Your hobbies or other enjoyments....Maybe I opened a can of worms with this one . I like to go fishing and forget about everything for a while....Here is a 30lb plus redfish I...
  22. kleen14u

    Chris or Nick

    Okay I got bored last winter and built this machine but it eats 1/4 tank per hr. I pulled it out and put it in the penalty box . it's a 4.3 GM with a # 56 blower . I had it setup to run about 1750 RPM's at the engine and turning the blower 2850 RPM's . I don't think i"m even close to...
  23. kleen14u

    Just a thought

    Had to clean a gym the other day and I pad /encapped it ( never understood the difference , I thought it refered to the chemical ) . Before we go down the road of this method versus HWE let me state that I HWE 6 months ago....Anyway i carried my Mytee portable and mixed up 12 gallons of encapp...
  24. kleen14u

    Hey Tony

    Do you have an email , website or phone number where we can contact you ?
  25. kleen14u

    Whats up with the Chinese posting ?

    Is this something to WORRY about or do you all have a translation for it ? I started running a computer scan after seeing this over and over .