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    What distributors are near you?

    Mama's? Not familiar and can't seem to find.....
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    Your opinion please on carpet cleaning procedure....

    Recently, due to equipment failure, I hired another carpet cleaner to finish an empty rental (30 year old carpet, loose, some bad seams but doable) Man was referred to me, had good professional appearance, good personality, and great, well known truckmount. Same brand as mine but a step up...
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    FB Had my Hydra master drimaster upholstery tool...

    I just received the Trerice 735-2 but it apparentle does not come apart to fit into the handle. Is this correct? The valve in my handle broke after very little use and I'm pissed the replacement is $150.!
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    Nylon carpet recommendations

    My nylon, light colored carpet will be 20 years old in September. It looks great every time I clean it and MUCH better than ANY one year old poly.
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    Nitrogen Accumulator

    I hate to sound ignorant, but just what does the nitrogen accumulator do? Thanks!
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    Angie's list

    After calling me repeatedly several years ago and lowering their costs, I agreed to a 12 month commitment to an ad/coupon. They said I would be one of three and they get several hundred (can't remember exact number) of carpet cleaning inquires per quarter from their 5200 then local members. It...
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    Pulled threads "just appeared over time"

    Thanks dust-go, gonna ask them about that.
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    Pulled threads "just appeared over time"

    I don't know FastFinish, but from the picture it just seems too uniform to me, not random, if that makes any sense.
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    Concord nc supplier

    I'm in Charlotte and was a loyal Cleansource customer from back when they were Bridgepoint, having bought the first truckmount sold by them when they came to Charlotte in 2001. But after the total change in personnel in 2012 from knowledgeable, helpful sales and mechanic people to the new crowd...
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    Pulled threads "just appeared over time"

    Here is a photo of a friend's neighbor's commercial/berber carpet in their downstairs. (I have not seen the carpet as they live 2 hours away) They are saying the "rips" in the carpet have appeared, starting at the doorways, over time. This is the only picture I have and basically all I know...