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    Do People Review Businesses?

    Some people pay for fake reviews. Check out your local SEO services.
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    What Cell phone do you use?

    old people love iPhones. it's a much simpler operating system to use.
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    What Cell phone do you use?

    The Galaxy Note models are by far the best phones, literally, the parts inside are always high quality and contains the latest technology. iPhone barely caught up with the iPhone 11 pro max but still does not compare to the galaxy note 10. I love my note because I take a lot of notes and do...
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    Billing on Fire Restoration

    Yes, I know; I saw the pic. I was just clarifying.
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    Billing on Fire Restoration

    Is there a mixture of water and debris? If so, I can see why he paid cat 3 lol. Definitely unsanitary.
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    Billing on Fire Restoration

    Btw, this is under the wrong sub forum.
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    Billing on Fire Restoration

    When my Team and I do a fire restoration job, we dont consider it a cat 3 loss or charge as a cat 3 loss. If I was the adjuster I would honestly laugh at that scope. Cat 3 is typically used as unsanitary water or trauma events. In this case, you can only use heavy line items for fire...
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    Must see video.............

    Seeing as the admin liked your post, I can tell adequate feedback is disregarded here. Please disregard my last comment and continue posting political views under "General Carpet Cleaning".
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    Must see video.............

    Why is this posted under General Carpet Cleaning and Upholstrey? Honestly @rob allen, I love this forum but theres a bit too much annoying trump post on here. Can we stop with these political posts? They're all over the forum!
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    Would like to get on Google Search Call to get set up by a Google Ads specialist 1-844-245-2553* *Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm ET
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    Is this too much for a logo?

    Honestly, doesn't capture the eye. Plus it looks like this came straight from Nickelodeon's logo
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    Do you have employees, are any millennials?? Must watch video!

    Everything this guy said in the video is completely true. Our phones really do take away the aspects of whats around us... Come to think of it, I think I still have that old flip phone in my sock drawer somewhere :LOL:
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    Are shoe covers necessary for commercial estimates?

    Those shoe covers look a bit pricey. I would definitely reuse them lol.
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    Why Should I Hire a Water Damage Service?

    This seems like some SEO bullshit. I've noticed that on this forum that a lot of people tend to advertise their business on posts and threads. Whats up with that?
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    Does anyone know a proper line item for Staircase removal?

    Btw, forgot to mention that I'm requesting line items for Xactimate.
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    Does anyone know a proper line item for Staircase removal?

    Hi Guys, I'm currently trying to estimate a property which contains water damage and took place in an old rotten basement. The customer told me he wants a quote on removing the staircase in his basement. The staircase is completely wooden and extends to about 17 feet. Does anyone know if there...
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    Please help meeeee! Restaurant deep clean advice

    Charging by square footage doesn't seem profitable at all. What you should have done is charge per tech/per hour. Cleaning grease is a hassle and takes a lot of time and pressure to remove successfully.
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    Please PRAY for our country!

    Honestly, @CCWorks is just spamming the thread with bullshit.
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    No more LIES!

    Wow, I hope it didn't end that harsh. Aren't you worried about your online reviews when you respond to customers like this?
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    small JOB TODAY

    What is "Grease eater"? Btw nice job!!!!
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    Carpet cleaning company for sale with van!

    Whats your company name? How are your reviews?
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    How can you call this acceptable?

    Can you provide the videos? Thanks :)
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    Is it Scary...

    Barry Costa is a legend, indeed. I wonder if he's on these forums?