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    BZ-105LX Breeze or Air hog/ Water hog combo

    I posted not long ago looking for a new light weight portable set up. Narrowed it down to these 2 machines.. bz105lx breeze vs. air hog/water hog. Being in aus, I can't get my hands on either one to demo or know anyone in my industry that has either. Looks like i'm making a decision without...
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    au chemicals

    hey guys, i recently tried to purchase some tmf chems to ship to austrlia and the shipping was $130 usd alone!! can anyone recommend some up their encapsulation pre sprays, spotters, and stain/ odour removers that are up there with the chems these guys sell that can be found globally? a...
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    Tile and grout

    Hi guys, I'm new to TMF and I think this site is a god sent. There's so much information available and I've already spent hours looking through all the forums and have learned a great deal. I have a few remaining questions. I'm currently carpet cleaning and looking to add tile and grout into...