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    Cleaning furniture under carport while raining

    I have a job tomorrow cleaning a sofa and love seat. They just got the floors redone so the furniture is under a carport. It's going be in the 50's and raining tomorrow. Will this be able to dry? I do use the drimaster and the S.S. upholstery tools. Thanks in advance, James Sent from my...
  2. Top Notch Carpet Cleaning

    Promaster 3500 owners

    Had a little problem with my Promaster 3500 van. Went down this semi steep driveway and the reverse was not Strong enough to get up it again. Cement was dry. Luckily my customers was good sports and they pushed on my front end and that little bit extra got me up there driveway. Never had...
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    Can someone give me a price for a flood.

    Hi, I'm from Portland Oregon. I did a water extraction for a property management and now they say it may go through insuance. It was a Sunday night job. Extracted, water claw, microban 50 sq. feet upstairs. Basement was 700 square feet. A good 4 inches of water throughout. I pumped out...
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    Vehicle insurance.

    Just bought a Promaster 3500 extended and my commercial insurance went through the roof. It went from 100 a month to 250 a month. I do have full coverage now vs liability only with the old van. Can anyone tell me if they are paying less than me with one of these new vans? And if so who are...
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    Ford transit van no drill zone.

    Looking at getting a new Ford Transit van. Full size extended medium roof height. I use a Everest Truck-mount. Does anyone know about the no drill area?
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    Looking for more information on the 870ss

    I'm looking on buying a true duel wand truckmount. I thought about the Everest HP but it looks like the 870ss had more cfm's, or at least more cfm's on paper. Has anyone herd anything bad about the 870ss?