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  1. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I worked with a guy for a couple of days that had a diesel fired truck mount, when he heard the thermostat stick he dropped the wand and ran for the van. You could actually hear the burner turn on and off from inside the house. This happened about 3 times a job.
  2. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I think people live in fear of propane. I agree propane is safer, cleaner, and only 1.50 per gallon in southern Oregon. The only fire that I have had is with a regular gas engine, it developed a leak by the carb and sprayed gas all over the hot exhaust. I was lucky to be there to shut it off...
  3. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I ran a high pressure vapor line to the engine and then put a tee in the line and installed a regulator for the gas going to the little giant, it works great. Here is a parts list for the silicone hoses that I used on the blower exhaust. These parts are from HPS Silicone Hoses 866-576-2832. I...
  4. Wayne Thompson

    What's a fair mileage charge?

    Over 10 miles , I charge 2.00 a mile one way. I stay busy within my 10 mile radius so if someone wants me to go farther I need to charge for the mileage. I have a town 30 miles from me that takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there and back. In that much time I can make 200.00 within my 10 mile...
  5. Wayne Thompson

    Urine stains

    I got called up by a property manager to look at a job that another cleaner had just cleaned. Besides a few bleached areas that the carpet cleaner had created , according to the property manager, the carpet actually looked really good. The real problem was the smell, it still smelled like pee...
  6. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    Hear is a better picture of the full hose going through the floor.
  7. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    How to quiet a Judson without restricting the blower. Makes it a lot nicer. I added a silicone 2.5 to a 3.5 90 degree with a 3.5 running through the floor. Had to put a shield down below the floor so that the blower would not make a dust storm off of the ground but it did the job.
  8. Wayne Thompson

    Who are you?

    I am carpet all the way. I have installed carpet for 15 years , sold it for 2 of those years and have been cleaning carpet for the last 24 years. I love to make my truck mount the best it can be. It is the hottest, best vacuum , large fresh water tank, large recovery tank. You get the idea...
  9. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    My propane engine runs off liquid before the regulator that goes to the Little Giant. When I had only one 10 gallon tank it would freeze up and not run well by the end of a big job, when I added the second 10 gallon tank and tied them together, all is working perfect. Yeah it is louder than my...
  10. Wayne Thompson

    Ungrateful customer!

    Older carpet is just that older. It will not look like new again but I will do the best cleaning possible. I will make it as clean as possible but it will never look like new carpet again. If you want it to look like new then save your money on the cleaning and replace it. I worked my ass off...
  11. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I had a trailer all set up and it worked really well, except for trying to find places to park it on jobs. I got good at parallel parking it in front of businesses, that is a real challenge with a vehicle and trailer. Business owner had to put cones out to save me 2 spots. I have an extended...
  12. Wayne Thompson

    Thoughts on bringing on a partner

    Is he going to work for you or are you going to work for him?
  13. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I run a propane powered TNT Judson 25 hp Kohler with a #4 burner. The only problem I had was finding a way to carry a big enough propane tank on my Full size Chevy Van. I solved the problem by putting the standard belly tank under the left side of the van and adding a belly tank where the...
  14. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I have wore out 2 CDS units over 24 years. The van only had about 110,000 on it but the van motor had about 300,000 miles on it.
  15. Wayne Thompson

    Judson Truckmount

    I have the TNT from Judson with a #4 burner. I love it, it is super hot and plenty of vacuum for 1 wand. If I was a 2 wand at a time business I would look into a C-4 by Judson. I have had many machines over the years and wish I had one of these from day one. I would have saved thousands over...
  16. Wayne Thompson

    Who Makes the Best Truck Mount???

    Judson TNT single wand, Judson C-4 for a 2 wand system. I have the TNT with a #4 blower. It could not be better or easier to work on and do maintenance on. Heat is crazy I have never had to run it all the way up on the thermostat. I like propane it is hot and clean. I chose the propane engine...
  17. Wayne Thompson

    wild fires

    Need a quick cheap air cleaner? Get a 20 inch cheap box fan, buy a 20 by 20 by 4 inch filtration filter with the highest rating , I think it is a 10, put the fan in the room , put filter in behind the box fan and turn it on high. Make sure filter is flowing air in the right direction. Cleaned...
  18. Wayne Thompson

    Dog urine removal & smell removal product

    I use a lot of UPS by Clean Master. Most of the Urine Pre Treatments sold out there will work but you have to evaluate the situation and treat it accordingly. Some urine goes all the way through the carpet and into the pad. Some actually goes all the way to the subfloor. For personal use in...
  19. Wayne Thompson

    Dog urine removal & smell removal product

    There are great products for urine removal, that is the main reason for cleaning carpets in my area. You have to know when to clean and when to walk away, that comes with experience. I never over promise.
  20. Wayne Thompson

    Owner Operator

    People in my area want owner operators so I say , me or I but I am getting to the point of thinking about hiring employees. After 24 years maybe its time. I will still leave it as me because that is what sells here but when they call and I have employees, I will explain that I have someone...
  21. Wayne Thompson

    wild fires

    Setting up box fans , spraying a filter with PAM, putting filter behind box fan and filtering the air in the house. Southern Oregon is a smoky place and will be until it rains.
  22. Wayne Thompson

    Best Vacuum Cleaner

    I vacuumed a room really well with a massive pile lifter, pre sprayed the carpet, put the wand down on the carpet went out and started my truckmount, when I came back in I moved the wand and found a bright red streak across the carpet where the wand lip was touching. I started cleaning with...
  23. Wayne Thompson

    We need some rain.

    Southern Oregon is under a blanket of smoke. Tired of the smoke and really looking forward to the rain putting the fires out. It will be awhile before the rain gets here but looking forward to it. I used to like the summers but this one has been hot and smokey.
  24. Wayne Thompson

    Interlink Supply Experience :(

    The Interlink store in our area is little but the guy will go out of his way to help you. He will also carry or get the products that I need.
  25. Wayne Thompson

    Hack 101 - How hacks make us look good

    There are a lot of people who just do not care what kind of job they do. I have not had to advertise for over 20 years, word of mouth works wonders. People ask around more to find who someone recommends the more that they run into bad carpet cleaners. Customers really hang on to you once they...