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  1. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    high rise flood loss and circuit breaker problems

    I have worked in quite a few high rise buildings and you are correct...barely enough power to run the lights and an icemaker much less fans and bet is to find the head maintenance guy and he will direct you to a power panel to get an electrician to tie in a pig tail for an injecti...
  2. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    What is the new product to replace Ozone

    I have and use vaporteks, TZ1 a TZ2 and a boss XL3. No one machine will do everything good, they all have specific uses and we employ them as such. I feel all have been a good purchase and would buy again
  3. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Concrobium mold stain remover

    BlackHills, do not order a sample from XM you might as well order a few cases and get the discount :)
  4. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia


    I'm very happy with mine and worth every penny used for what it is intended for.
  5. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia


    That is waaay to far of an open ended question to really answer
  6. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    fire/smoke damage

    have you checked whats going on behind the walls or in the ceiling between units? Walls may have insulation and smoke will infiltrate during a fire. All char must be far as cleaning any good degreaser will work to remove soot after all areas chem sponged. Just finished a large...
  7. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    To those who have upgraded from a cargo van to a box truck.

    An Isuzu NPR is light years ahead of a cargo van with a cube but can/does have a few down sides Pro: much better fuel economy Con: does not ride like a van and not good for over 70mph Pro: true "heavy duty" running gear Con: can be expensive if you do not maintain Pro: easily go...
  8. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Dual Wanding With an El Diablo, 12 Hours Non-Stop

    Guess I look at things different. If I had two guys on a job for 12 hours....thats 24 hours of work. I better be billing for 24 hours of work and getting paid for 24 hours of work. Once you have established your man hours you can determine your budget and profit
  9. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Couple floods their own house

    Sure, whats the worst that could happenhaha For years I have always hoped for a big flood while I am on vacation or away for a weekend.....hasnt happened yet. we had a guy last Spring that had 3 floods in 3 months...all unrelated water sources. Some people have all the luck:rolleyes:
  10. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Dual Wanding With an El Diablo, 12 Hours Non-Stop

    2 men 12 hours dual wanding?...24 hours of work? Isnt that $87.50 an hour?
  11. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Couple floods their own house

    we have been doing this for years, just finished a new training center with a two story home built within the building.
  12. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Kenmore Elite 70 Pint Dehumidifier

    Customer would not....adjuster who is probably footing the bill would and will not be amused by a residential piece of equipment, this type of dehumidifier will not create the grain depression needed for effective drying. Like Scott said in the 1980s all dehumidifiers operated in this same...
  13. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    looking for education sources and info on water damage work

    buying a well known or established franchise would be the quickest way...or you could offer to work for local restoration contractors and learn from the bottom up. Learning the ugly part of this type of work is essential, its no fun, cost a ton to break into and takes years to make...
  14. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Fire restoration pricing

    Jennings is correct, if it has lots of soot look up every item in your search bar under the CLN selector...also check for the corrioson mitigation option
  15. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    roof collapse wd

    We have been fortunate in that we have not had rain since the initial weekend. Tomorrow is the first day that the steel compnay is going to brace up the main beams and allow for workers to get in the main part of the store and create a smaller containment area for the water that drains in from...
  16. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    mmmm 3-5 day old sewage job have me beat on that one.
  17. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    mmmm 3-5 day old sewage job

    3 to 5 day old sewage loss and the effluent ran down an air duct in the floor....glad I wasnt hung over today I think the painted parquet flooring is shot.
  18. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    roof collapse wd

    Had quite the busy week, we responded to a roof collapse that also took out a 6" sprinkler main that services an entire shopping center. To make matters worse the roof area could not be tarped or fixed before all the lawyers and engineers could make multiple site visits to take it all in. It...
  19. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Xactimate Price list 2010

    How did I become the bad guy? Lets break this down; First a question was posted about an exactimate price list....I listed the link to get it Then the original poster requested the Georgia "price list" again and another poster requested a Florida "pricelist" I then suggested that you...
  20. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    whats your water damage min & do you ask for a deposit?

    I get calls for really small jobs of course...and we have to perfrom like it is a big never know when it will turn into a big job, or who they know. I have lost money on plenty of sub 1000 dollar jobs....but I also recently turned a 190 dollar job into over 20,000 of on going mold...
  21. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Xactimate Price list 2010

    Sorry I can not take credit for any ICS board posting in the past...never been a member or made a single post to ICS, Paul Davis the company has been around since 1966 with thousands of employess across the country. Also I'm not making "fun" of anyone...but when you tell somebody where to...
  22. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Xactimate Price list 2010

    You guys dont have the slightest clue what exactimate is do you haha
  23. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Xactimate Price list 2010

    If you all want to look and act like a professional company doing water damage restoration and mold remediation atleast buy your own subscription to exactimate.
  24. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    how many of you guys are doing moisture mapping

    I have a Delmhorst navigator pro that allows you to track each room with moisture readings, temp and humidity, however I do not use that feature. We have a proprietary software program that works much better
  25. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Steve Slepcevic,-Your Property security service Provider

    mmmm spam with a side of incoherence and a bottle of Jack