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  1. Mojo Stain Remover

    Can you figure out these stairs

    Watch this video and can you figure out how it's done .
  2. Mojo Stain Remover

    Has something like this ever happend to you?

    When you finish up a job and are packing your thing up , Have you ever had the sh!t scared out of you by a cat jumping out of your van? I have ! lol Have you ever driven off with a cat stowaway in you van and did not realize it till driving down the road? I have ! lol How may of you have had...
  3. Mojo Stain Remover

    I still have the eye to dye

    I might now be in the cc business anymore but my best friend has a cc business. Today he had one that needed some bleach stains taken care of . Here are before and after pics of a 100$ dye job.
  4. Mojo Stain Remover

    Does this sound like a scam or what?

    I just received this email and laughed at first then it pissed me off since a good friend of mine lost their 11 year old son due to terminal brain cancer. The uǝʞɔnɟ nerve of some people! Berry Hills <[email protected]> 10:27 AM (7 minutes ago) to bcc: me Hello I"m Berry how are...
  5. Mojo Stain Remover

    How much do you guys charge .....

    How much do you guys charge to strip and resurface hardwood and tile floors?