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    360i, Reels, Hoses, Etc, Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    See the Facebook Marketplace link Below. Try to message me on there for any questions. Thanks!
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    Anyone have good advice and how to TRULY achieve 1-2 hour dry times? And I don't mean dry to the cleaner, I mean dry to the custy ;D big difference I've found.. I'll feel a carpet and know the difference between soaking, wet, slightly damp, and just has little moisture still..and then there's...
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    Rotovac 360i Bonnet Cleaning

    This is a multi question thread. Does anyone have real experience with using the 360i bonnet Block and also a 175? If you have experience with those and an orick too would be great. I already have a 360i and think it does a great job. I would soon like to get a 175 to be able to do VLM and...
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    How much is too much heat?

    It seems like for the most part the highest heat most guys say they run is the machine of course, let's not get into at machine vs. at wand for now.. I have seen some guys say they run 300 though.. Of course the highest heat you'd want would differ depending on what fiber type you are...
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    Gecko wand VS Spinner of your choice

    Sorry if it has been covered before, I couldn't find my answer with a search thru past threads. Anyone with experience with either but especially if you have experience with both I'd really appreciate your insight... My setup now is a porty, I have a 1200psi pump. At the machine its max reading...
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    Anyone use the workhorse vacuum?

    I have been seeing the workhorse vacuum in a few different CC YouTube channels lately. They seem to really like it and it does seem like it really does lift the pile up more than most vacuums I have seen..they say it has a really good beater bar. Has anyone on here used one? Would like to get a...