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    Grand Rapids Riots: Following the money

    This is really bad. See Link for video of a Investigating Reporter
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    Statues, Monuments and Flags Being Erased Across the USA

    Are Women Behind the Destruction of all these Symbols: Statues, Monuments and Flags? Are Females responsible for All the Wars, As they are the Teachers of Kids, and Wives of Powerful Men. Is the Roman Empire hiding behind the real world of the Women Empire, Female Empire? As the male is...
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    Hate Crime Laws

    About Hate Crimes Since 1968, when Congress passed, and President Lyndon Johnson signed into law, the first federal hate crimes statute, the Department of Justice has been enforcing federal hate crimes laws. The 1968 statute made it a crime to use, or threaten to use, force to willfully...
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    Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs

    Michael Moore Michael Moore NOTE: Planet of the Humans was removed from YouTube 11 days ago, following a coordinated censorship campaign that resulted in a claim against four seconds of footage by a claimant who stated multiple times that he opposed the message of the film...
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    Just got floored from a misunderstanding.

    Dutch protesters smash windows after anti-racism protest canceled 3 hrs ago ROTTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch riot police intervened to scatter small groups of protesters who smashed windows and threw furniture after authorities broke up an anti-racism demonstration for violating...
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    George Floyd died by heart attack.

    Floyd also says, "I'm through," and repeatedly cries out in anguish, the video shows. "My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. I need some water or something, please. Please," he says. In this video, hard to see, Floyd, he just drops to his knees and the curb for no reason 3:05. I...
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    5G Is Poisoning Us?

    Repeatedly deleted. Skynet? It is a long video, 32 minutes. Is 5G Poisoning Us? Alleged Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle On 5G And COVID-19! UK 5G Cell Towers Are Being Destroyed Over Absurd COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Do cellular phone towers cause cancer? Some people have...
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    Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, 1751

    Did you people that went to school ever read any parts of this Document? I was harassed in school a lot (1972) because of my race, a school I was bussed too, 7 to 10 miles away from the home I stayed at. I also could see a school from my home's bed room window, hear the football games and I...
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    Harry and Meghan’s royal shake-up, answered

    Harry and Meghan will be the King and Queen of Canada. The head of State some day soon. Like Mr Trump decided to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
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    Death Wish

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    Charlottesville Attack - The left-wing demonstrators easily number in the hundreds

    These people got no blame in Charlottesville after women got killed and two officers. Conservative Writer Milkshaked and Beaten Up at Portland Antifa Rally See second Video of tweet... What happened in Charlottesville? What happened in Charlottesville was no accident. It...
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    Microplastics are raining down from the sky, found in 90 percent of table salt. We haven’t yet seen the consequences yet

    Scientists discover large amounts of tiny plastic particles falling out of the air in a remote mountain location. Microplastics (plastic particles, 0.1 μm–5 mm in size) are widespread...
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    Portable Vacuum Motors Testing with Video.

    This was lol
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    Best Avengers Endgame Theory and more

    Best I seen, top video By Politically Impaired by Everything Always
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    Brett Kavanaugh in high school

    Plenty of drinking, parties at the beach and most likely sex. I think drinking as a minor (under 18 years old) is against the law in all parts of the USA. for both male and female. and yet both are in high level jobs. Drinking alcohol as a minor leads to sex, if both are at a illegal under age...
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    Welfare for Big Business - Taxpayers Have Spent A ‘Staggering’ Amount Of Money On Major League Sport Stadiums

    The 16 NFL stadiums that will host NFL games this weekend have cost taxpayers nearly $3 billion, a new analysis found. By Travis Waldron All told, 29 of the NFL’s 31 stadiums have received public funds for construction or renovation. In the last two decades, the analysis found, taxpayers...
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    Carpet Cleaners, The Stain Trailer

    Had to post this video. Check it out.
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    A Bible Story

    The week Eve gives Adam the forbidden Fruit. May 14, 2018 to May 19, 2018 The story is Eve ate the evil fruit, and then passed it to Adam because she sinned. Her sin is neglecting and betraying Adam and having the snakes offspring. Americas, the land of milk and honey, the virgin race...
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    Teachers want more Money And the USA Constitution has no Rights to Education

    Teacher pay should be $10.00 per hour. or no schools. Like Obama Care (Affordable health Care Act) The US Government makes the rules and forces you to get insurance or pay a fine. US Education is Government run and your forced to pay taxes or lose your home. Teachers do not teach that they...
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    Official CC Works Greg Thread-Affairs, Politics and white endangerment

    Men are always publicly victimized as being the low life scumbags that has sex with someone else when married. Women are always the victim, That is what I have always been told to this day as long as I can remember. The male even gets circumcised at birth. So being a male baby, means your guilty...
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    Did USA / England Steal Alaska From Russia?

    Rumors / Tales Russia said Alaska was leased to the USA for 99 years after the US Civil War. If the sale was a real sale for 2 cents a acer, The ship that had the gold for payment was sunk, Russia never got paid. Russia had all the money they needed and did not have to sell Alaska. A War from...
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    Our republic is in jeopardy and CCWorks blocked from posting

    @ Larsox You sure are getting away with some real mis-truths in topic "Our republic is in jeopardy" I have looked up some of them non truth postings you make like Trump Sr. was in a KKK march. Snoops, I think is a democratic leaning...
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    Russia lost lots of land over 80 years.

    Did you know? I did not know Japan took lots of land from Russia and then China took it over and made Korea:,126.418056,5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x356263108b3d1c3b:0x86416151fc4a3997!8m2!3d37.6639976!4d127.9784585 Japan Starves the East Cost...
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    $21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government.

    That is $65,000 for every person in America. That is more than our entire national debt! What’s going on? Where is the money? How could this happen? How much has really gone missing? What would happen if a corporation failed to pass an audit like this? Or a taxpayer? This means the Fed and...