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  1. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning

    Google Local Services

    Does anyone have experience with being featured Carpet cleaner at Google Local Services. I'm in southern California and a Google representative contacted me several days ago with offer to join the program. Lead costs $17, similar to Home Advisor. My concern is how many calls would actually...
  2. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning

    How to clean recycled carpet squares?

    I got a call today from a potential commercial customer asking if we can clean recycled carpet squares? He was told it should be clean with low moisture systems only. Does anyone have experience with cleaning those and can I use hot water extraction method?
  3. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning

    Water damage- water extraction

    I got a call yesterday from a regular client of mine (commercial) to come and extract the water in their property after a pluming issue they had the previous night. 4 rooms were flooded (about 800 sq/ft total). It took me about 2 hours to extract the water and site was 50 miles away from where I...
  4. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning

    Commercial carpet cleaning- experiences

    Recently we started to market to local companies to get commercial accounts. What are your experiences? What kind of commercial accounts you guys have? Many hotels like Hiltons, Marriotts etc. says they do it on their own, claiming they have their own carpet cleaning equipment (I guess...
  5. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning

    Regeneration of EZ-Charge Water Softener by ProChem

    After how many hours I would need to do a regeneration (backwash/flush) of ProChems Water softener. I am in southern California, water is pretty hard here.
  6. Super Mario Carpet Cleaning

    Aztec leasing- property tax?!?

    Last year I leased through Aztec truckmount and all necessary equipment for $36,000. Technically it is a lease for 66 months, but after that period I own the truckmount and the equipment. This year Aztec wants to charge me property tax of $410, saying that the county where I live wants to...