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  1. bryonb03

    How to clean suede

    I am looking for some help with upholstery cleaning!! I have a customer tomorrow that would like her sectional cleaned. Customer believes that it may be suede. It looks to me to be micro fiber. I have never cleaned suede before so I was looking at the expertise of this group for any help...
  2. bryonb03

    Down upholstery

    With all the knowledge in this forum I thought I would throw this out there. Doing upholstery tomorrow that has down cushions, was wondering what special precautions that I need to take to not damage the feathers inside.
  3. bryonb03

    White Magic pro 1600- need help!!!!!

    Hay all looking for help. I am recently new to the business and purchased a van with a White Magic pro 1600 (i think) installed. The trouble that i am having is with the heat and controlling it. Getting about half way through a job and i loose heat or the unit shuts down. I know the company is...