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  1. Jimmy Hitt

    Love my Mytee Dry

    I've had my Mytee Dry for about 4-5 months now and wanted to wait awhile before giving it a review. This thing kicks a$$!!! I actually enjoy doing upholstery now and no more hand cramping since there's no trigger. Mine came flawless with no issues BTW. Such a uniform cleaning & leaves the...
  2. Jimmy Hitt


    So I recently changed my business address. I'm in the process of changing it with all the directories, except all the yext sites which is like 60+. They just called & told me it was $499 for all their sites and $199 for half of them. Is there anyway around this? I tried to do it on individual...
  3. Jimmy Hitt

    Tile Video Ad

    Been running this T&G video ad for a few weeks on FB & its been killing it. Does anyone else do video ads?
  4. Jimmy Hitt

    Done with Facebook ads!

    Well the days of Facebook ads giving good bang for the buck are over. Some time in the past two weeks their ad rates have skyrocketed. I wouldn't have minded a small increase because it was awful cheap per impression or engagement but this is ridiculous. Go to your biz page and click boost post...
  5. Jimmy Hitt

    Colorado Springs

    Any body operating out of Colorado Springs? Have a client moving there and need someone good to recommend. @Jose Holguin is this near you? Who would you suggest?
  6. Jimmy Hitt


    I'm about to put an order in for bonnets at direct mop sales. Can't believe how cheap they are ($11-$15) compared to my locals who want $26-$31/per. I'm wondering which ones are best....planned on getting a couple different kinds but wanted to get y'alls opinions first. I'll probably get 8-10...
  7. Jimmy Hitt

    35% HP

    Just got a gallon of 35% peroxide at a pool/chem/jani supply store. Strongest I've used is Sally's 40vol. which is what, like 15%? @Rob Allen isn't this what y'all use? Any tips from the guys using the strong stuff?
  8. Jimmy Hitt

    What's your approach??

    So I'm dedicating 1-2 days a week for the next month to sales. I don't want to scrape by thru the winter. I'm miles ahead of where I was last winter....but also didn't have my rig at that point, just a porty. I'm also trying to step outside the norm of what I usually target & work on...
  9. Jimmy Hitt

    Ethics vs referral fee

    So I get a call from a plumber wanting me to clean some stone in a house for his client, that he intended to topical seal after. I meet him at the job to take a look, and it just so happens to be beside my wife's parents house (neighbors for 40yrs). He tells me don't give her a price, to give it...
  10. Jimmy Hitt

    Diamonds or crystalizer

    Looking for advice/opinions on this floor. 700sqft of mixed Terrazo. A lot of scratches & its pretty dull. Its mopped everyday with just water. Its in a lobby area so it gets a good bit of traffic, not a hotel with tons of traffic but still gets quite a bit. Depending on how well it goes it may...
  11. Jimmy Hitt

    Why'd you do it?

    The "what keeps you going" thread got me thinking. Why did you start your business? Was it out of necessity? Finally realize the limited potential as an employee? Fall into a good bit of money & said why the hell not? Did you think it was a get rich quick deal? Let's hear it boys, what's your...
  12. Jimmy Hitt

    What would you do?

    Got a call from a previous commercial client Tuesday. He wanted to know how much to clean 400 chairs. I ended up telling him $4/per. I kept worrying that I was too high. He asked me in the middle of the worst back pain & I couldn't fathom doing 400 chairs at the time. He sent me a text last...
  13. Jimmy Hitt

    For everyone helping me

    Been on a marble job all week. Home has 11 bathrooms. In total there is 18 vanitys, 210 sqft marble in shower, 210 sqft marble in kitchen, 1 travertine laundry room, 2 small bathrooms with T&G floor. All of this was clean & seal, which I did majority of Monday. Yesterday was the dreaded etch...
  14. Jimmy Hitt

    Things we do for apartments

    So a fellow O/O is on vacation so I'm covering his apartment floods for him. Well around 4pm we get a call for one at a newly acquired property of his that he hasn't even done one unit at yet. Was told it was real small and easy. Boy were they wrong on that. This units water heater line has...
  15. Jimmy Hitt

    Mans Best Friend

    Got this little guy when he was 6 weeks old back in 2000-2001. He went on every vacation and never went a day without us for 13-14 years. We knew it was coming because was having hip & joint troubles and he just wasn't the same. He stopped walking altogether Thursday. Tried to get an...
  16. Jimmy Hitt

    Compliance Depot

    Been a couple years since this subject was brought up so I figured I'd see if there had been any changes with CD since 2012. @dmreed4311 I know it varies by mgmt company but I'm probably signing on with them this week so I wanted to ask around. Its at least a $30k/year account so obviously I'm...
  17. Jimmy Hitt

    Know your market

    So there's been a lot of debate on the price variances for different parts of the country. So how about we try to put some sort of a standard to it. @Prosteam-sonomacounty can get $.50/sqft+ but the homes in his area are insanely high per sqft. Whereas @Spazznout areas home prices are a fraction...
  18. Jimmy Hitt

    Epic Contest??

    @Rob Allen is this just for paying members? Says I can't view that thread. Thanks
  19. Jimmy Hitt

    Thank you Tile Master

    So like an idiot I didn't have any stripper on the van today so I had to make due with Tile Master, Shark grout brush, a 175, and a spinner. Don't wanna say how long it took me, especially since it was a 450sqft demo. I know I know. It was either that area or a 300' hose pull for 100sqft on...
  20. Jimmy Hitt

    What tile is this?

    In the middle of a big proposal, they have 33k sqft of CGD and 7300sqft of this tile. I'm assuming its just ceramic with a grid/tread cut into it. I'm doing a demo on it within an hour and figured I'd check with you guys. Also the maintenance supervisor-lady said she think there was a topical...
  21. Jimmy Hitt

    Van decals

    Tell me what ya think guys. Only change I've come up with is switching website & phone number so the number will be visible while cleaning.
  22. Jimmy Hitt

    Wespak 2" Quad Jet

    Anyone else have this heavy wand?
  23. Jimmy Hitt

    What wand is this?

    Not even sure if the pic posted. 2" quad jet low profile head. Think its the same one as @WillnDeb Sent from my Z992 using TMF Forums mobile app
  24. Jimmy Hitt

    New Yard Signs

    Ok guys I just got 20 yard signs from my printer today. Tell me what ya think. 18"x24". Doing a few in custy's yards but mostly at 3-4way intersections. In the communities that don't have many restrictions. Gonna rotate every 2-3 weeks. Anybody do the same thing? Good ROI?
  25. Jimmy Hitt


    Whats up guys. After less than 24hrs I think I've found a new home. You ****ers seem pretty damn cool. I've been cleaning carpet, T&G, upholstery, WD and all that good shit for 15yrs since I was 18. Got fired last September cuz apparently you're not supposed to get hurt on the job, even tho...