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  1. fred3655

    Lift, Ramp, ???? - Need to modify van to save my back

    I've been getting back pains and they're not going away. I really need to find a solution since I can't keep on lifting floor buffers, burnishers, portable steam carpet cleaning equipment, autoscrubbers, etc, into my van. What's a good cost-effective solution? I thought of everything from...
  2. fred3655

    Tile & Grout With A 175? Brush/Pad recommendation??

    I have a small autoscrubber that can rinse & pick up residue. I am working some high-rise offices and saw the water hog & porty recommendation, but would rather use a 175. No hoses to run, one person can go with the 175, the other follows with the scrubber. Can anyone recommend a good brush...
  3. fred3655

    Excell power washer unloader question

    I have an Excell VR2320 I use for occasional cleaning outside rental homes. Lately, the engine has been dying when I let off the trigger. Everything else works fine, pressure is good, responsive, etc, it is just a pain having to restart the engine everytime I let off the trigger for more than...
  4. fred3655

    Has Anyone Used A Counter Scrubber To Clean Shower Grout?

    I am considering getting a Counter Scrubber like the one MyTee sells to add shower cleaning services to the list. I just wanted to ask whether anyone uses something similar and what kind of results you are getting. Thanks.
  5. fred3655

    How To Get People To Pay?

    We went in and did a floor waxing for a privately owned pre-school and nursery. It has been 3 weeks since the service was completed, the owner or director are nowhere to be found. I have called everyday and gotten "You just missed them" or "They are expected in sometime later today". I've...
  6. fred3655

    Anyone heard of Reliable Places for an SEO company?

    Just wanted to hear whether anyone has had bad experiences with them or not. They're offering a $159 a month special for new accounts. I just don't have the resources to bankroll a $1000+ per month SEO company, but I don't want to kiss my money goodbye either. Any feedback, good, neutral...
  7. fred3655

    Help Cleaning Fake Wood Grain Vinyl Laminate Squares

    It's not really fake wood grain, but that's the closest approximation I can give. They are vinyl tiles, 18" by 10", with long hair-like groove textures. The problem is that the tile is a light beige and the grooves have filled up with black dirt. It's at a convenience store. The flooring...
  8. fred3655

    Powr-Flite Multiwash and CAS 16 autoscrubbers -- any experience with these?

    I have been doing more large residential ceramic tile areas and I'm looking to get away from mopping residue. I also need something to clean concrete floors, and something that will give a good final rinse before laying down wax on vct. Here are the machines I'm considering...
  9. fred3655

    Favorite Waxes?

    Just seeing what everyone is using for: 1. The clear, hard, highly reflective look that impresses, regardless of cost. 2. A quality wax that takes a beating, even if it's not super-reflective. 3. The customer who is preoccupied with cost, but you want to do a good budget job. Lately...
  10. fred3655

    construction cleanup help

    I'm working on my first construction cleanup job. Any help would be appreciated regarding getting all the dust off the walls and the open ceiling fixtures.
  11. fred3655

    Remodel Cleanup -- Worth It? Pls read

    I'm going out to take a look at a 20,000 sq. ft. showroom and offices that was just remodeled, so basically this is a construction cleanup job. I can judge most of it and provide an estimate, but one thing I hadn't done yet is serious window cleaning. The facility is about the height of a 2...
  12. fred3655

    Home Carpet Shampooer As Cheap Autoscrubber?

    Regarding smaller floor jobs, such as < 2000 sq. ft.... To rinse floors after stripping, has anyone tried using a cheap home carpet shampoo machine to rinse the floor with water and/or neutral? Seems like it could work in theory, except for frequent water changes.
  13. fred3655

    Streaky vct wax job -- any fixes?

    Okay, this is going to sound cheesy and unprofessional, but I'm going to ask anyway. I laid down wax on pre-school floors, and it came out streaky. After reading other threads, it became apparent there were a variety of conditions that led to this... 1. It was a rainy day outside -...
  14. fred3655

    Using Betco Glare on VCT -- does it need burnished? recommendations?

    I am new to floor care and would like some advice. I am applying Betco Glare on VCT. The floor hasn't been maintained, and is dry to the point of being porous. After cleaning, I am using Betco Floor Sealer and then finishing with Betco Glare, which has 20% solids, I believe. It says...
  15. fred3655

    MyTee 1001 not steaming?

    I'm fairly new to carpet cleaning, having just started out with a MyTee 1001 porty. I'm looking at TM cleaning videos and seeing some real steam volume come out from the wand. The MyTee heater is supposed to get to 210 degrees, and I see small puffs of heated vapor mist come out, but watching...
  16. fred3655

    Newbie from Dallas area, looking for mentor/associate?

    Hi everyone, I am putting together a carpet cleaning business, have an EDIC "rug doctor" type non-heated machine, just got a MyTee Speedster 1001 last night (with heat), and next on my list is probably a floor machine for bonneting. I'm also looking for a good vacuum (Sanitaire bagless...