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    Website in Tampa

    Hey guys i have a website with PR of 1 and on the first page of google towards bottom i am either going to shut down or i can sell take a peek let me know what you think and make me an offer the maintinence $ on it is very little. just a thought i hate to see all the hard work go in the toilet...
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    Commercial glue down carpet

    I had a call this morning from a physical therapy business she stated that she had commercial glue down Carpet and it Had to be cleaned by the host method. I was unsure so I asked her to email me the dimensions and assess and I could give her a quote I first waned to know can I clean this carpet...
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    PICS Before and after basic cleaning with TMF pre-spray boosted with citrus solve

    TMF Pre-Spray with an 2oz of citrus solve lady just wanted a basic clean couldn't promise these stains would come out but told her i would do my best she was impressed to say the least and said she would tell her friends. I can't get people to post on my google places page a review for anything...
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    59.99 and 69.99 HOW DO THEY DO IT

    I just don't get it i have read and read and read some more at all these specials for 59.99 for 3 rooms basic steam clean and 69.99 or 79.99 whole house specials up to 7 rooms basic steam clean i call and inquire they say no catch just a basic clean and they push for an appt which is good but...
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    First youtube video please critique

    This is my first youtube attempt i made the video myself i know its not great and i left out a couple of steps in the video but let me know what you think. youtube video link
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    hydroforce spayer issues

    I have a hydro force sprayer in line and it is run between 300 and 400 psi but doesn't seem to do the Venturi thing to well anyone have any ideas i took it all apart cleaned everything out and put it all back together and still doesnt seem to suck the cleaning solution that well. Can you use...
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    Does anyone get jobs from here? I have been posting with little to no calls let me know how you guys typically do on craigs
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    TMF Pre-load

    I just purchased some of this stuff i have read one or two reviews on it i am hoping it is good stuff at 40.00 a gallon (including shipping) anyone who has used it post how you used it and the ratio you mixed it up at. I have a inline sprayer not sure on what the best ration is going to be just...
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    I sent 2 PM's and also posted in one of the forums seeking services contact me please......... Thanks also if anyone has a GREAT not good but GREAT SEO guy or gal send me info on them and what they were able to do for your business to my pm. I do my own SEO up until now i just don't have the...
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    Hello for Sunny Florida

    I am somewhat new to the forum has a ton of info on the site and i enjoy having others as a sounding board for ideas and constructive criticism. I recently bought a truck mount and things seem to be going ok but i plan to really try and ramp things up here in the near future. I located in Tampa...
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    NEWBIE with questions?

    I am located in Central Florida, i am new to carpet cleaning i am looking at purchasing a patriot truck mounted system used with approx 200 hours on it. I had some general questions for the forum..... I guess some general DO's and Don'ts in the business, the best form of advertising for your...