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  1. aspenedelen

    Experience - Clearwater Beach 2016

    At the Hilton in Clearwater Beach Florida for the Experience Conference. The room will be opened up from the 26th thru the 29th. If anybody wants it reply to this thread ASAP as Monday morning Hilton will be releasing it to the public. The hotel is SOLD OUT currently. The rate is $165 per night
  2. aspenedelen

    Mytee ETM

    Who here own one and can tell me the pro and cons of it?
  3. aspenedelen

    Another contract signed because of Shane Duebell

    Here we go, Shane makes me a lot, and I mean a lot of money. Two days ago I closed on another commercial janitorial bid that I put together due to Shane's incredibly intuitive advice. He knows his $$$$ when it comes to putting together bids. Shane, I owe you one drunken night at the bar of...
  4. aspenedelen

    Clients that make you wait

    Every now and then I'll have a client that wants a estimate. I HATE, and hate is a powerful word, late clients. My time is very valuable so now his rate just went up 15%.
  5. aspenedelen

    Brand new website and need YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS. CRITIQUE please!!! huge leaps and bounds over my previous one. What do you all think? What content should I add, take out?. It is not 100% finished yet as all I have left is my Disaster Restoration portion.
  6. aspenedelen

    Stain Magic for Wool, how do I apply this to a large area of staining?

    Do I dab it on, lightly mist it on the wool area rug? What is the correct application process for a large area of staining on a 8x5' area rug, approx. 1/3 or area rug is discolored from a dog having a accident then the cleaning lady used a rug doctor to try and clean it up which just spread the...
  7. aspenedelen

    Looking to buy a Xtreme Xtractor with Vac Pac

    Anyone have the set and is motivated to sell them?
  8. aspenedelen

    Need a little prayer today.

    Late last night my six and a half month old daughter, Stella, was transported to the hospital by ambulance due to what they say are critically low O2 levels and what is thought to be infant pneumonia with other complications. She has a very hard time breathing on her own when the ventilator...
  9. aspenedelen

    Please "like" my wholly new and redesigned FB page. It is brand new, clean and looks great Please take 20 seconds and like this page. It is a work in progress but so far it looks great.
  10. aspenedelen

    Someone must remember this

    Back four or six months ago someone posted a screen shot of their FB page and on the page was clean cc van on a street and in front and behind the van were upside down V shaped signs (if that makes sense) with the company information. Can anyone remember whose FB page that was?
  11. aspenedelen

    Well I finally sold it

    I finally sold the Prochem Performer that was sitting in my garage for two and a half years. The machine had 3500 hours on it, the engine was solid, a completely rebuilt hx system, blower was solid, high pressure pump was gone, and waste tank was solid. It is finally gone and now I have more...
  12. aspenedelen

    Top ten of the best Carpet Cleaning websites out there now?

    What are the links they and why do you like them so much? What makes them pop and say "This is why you need to use my firm over others for my needs in my home or business" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  13. aspenedelen

    asap response needed from throw up that has chocolate in it plus unknown

    Have a client that had his sick son throw up on his bedroom blue carpet (nylon) chocolate and other unknown foods. Best way to attack this as chocolate is involved? Need asap please
  14. aspenedelen

    Good buy on this portable?

    Need to know if this is is a decent price for this portable
  15. aspenedelen

    San Diego/LA Jolla restorers want to talk Restoration?

    I'll be been San Diego and La Jolla, CA until Friday on a family vacation. Does anyone want to get together to talk Restoration Restoration or small business over a drink or coffee?
  16. aspenedelen

    Why paying overtime is crucial if you have a multi associate company

    Great article on a company being sued because of a elaborate scheme to not pay overtime. If you have employees that work overtime then pay them their deserved money. Way too many greedy small business owners out in the world.
  17. aspenedelen

    Redeveloping the Prochem 405

    I need two Vacuum Exhaust Radiator type Heat Exchangers Where do I buy them and how much?
  18. aspenedelen

    Anyone have schematics for a Prochem 405?

    Looking for a schematic drawing of the 405. Anyone have a PDF or know where I can get one other than calling Prochem?
  19. aspenedelen

    Taking another trip, this time to San Diego. Anyone in S. Cal up for luck, coffee, etc?

    We'll be in La Jolla from Dec. 28th or 29th thru the 2nd of January. Anyone up for dinner, breakfast, coffee, nightcap, etc?
  20. aspenedelen

    The men and women of TMF

    I have always wanted to see who we talk to here on TMF so after my last crazy 19,000 + road trip/flight trip here are some of the people I met. I'd like to see this continue with more and more of you. Add your own photo. If you travel and have lunch with a fellow TMF'er take a photo and...
  21. aspenedelen

    I'll put my money where my mouth is

    It isn't much but I have a Prochem 405 in my garage with 3500 hours on it. The next person that is willing to give me factual, unlimited phone call advice/help to rebuild this machine to sellable condition I'll send you off cash money tbd. I am tired of this beast sitting in my garage having...
  22. aspenedelen

    This is why you should offer Restoration services!!!

    Kind of hard to see but that is a $4 and a 9 with five digits after Not too shabby for three weeks worth of work - A fair amount of this bill is from rental of restoration equipment
  23. aspenedelen

    Selling 50 to 70 Omni Pro 2.9's

    $99 a piece Pick up in S.Dakota preferred but I could be generous and meet you within a 100 or so mile radius of my place. Bought all equipment in June of 2011. They have been used a fair amount of time for a small town of 8000 people. These air movers new run $189.00 at Interlink Supply...
  24. aspenedelen

    Wanting to install a solar panel light system in my trailer

    Does anyone have experience adding a solar panel to the roof of a trailer then running wires to a battery which in turn would power LED lighting inside a fairly large double axle trailer? Is this easy or complicated? It is for my duct cleaning trailer