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    Tile only

    Anyone here only do tile? I've only been in the biz for a year but kind grossed out already by super nasty residential carpet...pubic hairs, fecal matter, blood, puke, other bodily fluid stains.... Anyway, I'm thinking of only doing tile cleaning to get around this... thoughts? Especially a...
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    2" tube tile wand with brush head

    Anyone know where I can get one? For mytee LTD5 I only have 2" hose Thanks!
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    Sears subcontract

    Anyone work as a contractor for Sears?
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    Portable system cleaner

    Anyone use a specific cleaner for the internals on their portable and wand? This is the mytee product
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    Rotary vs zipper

    What would be more efficient/faster for wide open areas such as empty homes and commercial spaces? I understand the zipper requires more physical work, but is it faster? I also have a mytee ltd5..if necessary I'd add an air hog.
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    Rotary with portable

    Anyone use like a Trex jr or Rx20 with a portable? I have a mytee ltd5. Looking for for something for wide open spaces like commercial cgd or faster with really nasty residential. Also, can you clean tile with a rotary like the Trex jr?
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    Ltd5 or Ltd12

    Which one would you all go for? Kleen-rite has them both on sell, at checkout the difference is about $7-800
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    Anyone NOT use hose reel?

    I have a portable so I'm guessing maybe this is more common with, but does anyone just coil hose up and lay it in the van? What do you do if you have multiple sections or a long 100' piece?
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    What do you all use for general prespot? Concentrated prespray in trigger bottle?
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    14" 3 jet, 2" tube wand with LTD5

    Anyone think this wand would be ok for the mytee ltd5 portable? I'd be ordering from caltoolusa for the first time.
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    Sandwich board/street sign

    Anyone use a sandwich board posted at Intersections or signs on telephone poles? If so how often do you use this approach and how effective is it? Does the city ever come after you?
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    Kleen-rite vac hose

    Anyone buy vac or solution hoses from kleen-rite? This is the cheapest I've seen for 2" 50ft
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    Tony Dang Wand

    I've read on here Tony makes a 2" hose wand suitable for a portable (Mytee LTD5) Is there a website or a supplier that carries this wand? Appreciate any help Thanks!
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    Don't do spot/stain removal?

    Does anyone here Not do stain/spot removal? For example you tell the customer you only clean the carpet and no guarantees?
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    Mytee ltd5 extension cords

    The manual says not to use extension cords? What would happen?
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    Time to clean 1-200 sqft on average

    Obviously there are many factors but what is your average range?
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    start times

    What's your earliest start time? What's the latest job you'll schedule aside from commercial? Do you schedule specific appointment times or tell the customer a window?
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    Wholesale equipment

    Any places that sell portables at wholesale prices? Particularly Mytee?
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    Jon Don hoses

    Anyone buy hoses from Jon Don? They are much cheaper than Mytee
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    I know this is taboo to many, but what are some contract companies I could contact to get some more work? Any of you do subcontract and who or how? Thanks!
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    Nextdoor app

    Anyone post services/get jobs from the Nextdoor app?
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    Concrete washing

    I'm looking to offer driveway/sidewalk cleaning. Would this from home depot work? I imagine I'd have to get a separate pressure washer system as I have a mytee ltd5 or I was...
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    Commercial Cleaning access after business hours

    What's your procedure for cleaning commercial space such as small offices or schools or any business when no one is around to let you in? I'm sure this is a dumb question with an obvious answer but what do you ask the customer when arranging the cleaning? Someone let's you in, they leave, the...
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    Equipment deduction

    I started my business this past fall with a new mytee ltd5. Can I deduct the purchase of this from my income?
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    Marketing Deduction

    Can advertising/marketing expenses be deducted from income? If so, how much is allowed and under what category or how do you file it? Thank you!