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    Bleach stain polypropylene

    I doubt its a poly, as typically it cant be bleached. Can you post a pic of the carpet you think is poly.
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    What’s the best piece of sales advice you ever heard?

    Sell yourself before selling the product (or service)
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    Carpet Cleaning Injury Thread (Graphic)

    Box cutter last year cutting through a braided rubber hose. Yep, I’m an idiot [emoji30]
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    Which Van Wrap Should I Go With?

    Which one did you go with Johnny?? Or still undecided? :unsure:
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    cam bearing rotation

    Fk me, just realised that it shouldnt matter which way, I'm grabbing a drink
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    cam bearing rotation

    I have just had my motor for my pumptec 207 rebuilt. Ive reconnected it and just wanted to be sure that the shaft is spinning the cam bearing the correct way. Should it be spinning clockwise or anti clockwise. Hoping someone knows before I connect it up, Cheers
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    CONTEST I bet you can’t identify this.....

    Rubber underlay (padding) exposing the glue after the paper has been ripped off
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    I can't take it anymore..............Agitation vs Heat

    Well, I have been running 140-150 at the tool with both TM and Porty setups(porty as a hybrid from the truck) for 24years and have not felt the need for aggitation besides those few trashed resturant jobs. So if I had to choose and could not sit on the fence, I'm gonna go with heat over...
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    Mytee vac motor replacement

    Try to wedge a scraper between the gasket and the manifold. Sounds like its all fused together. Heat and use over time will do that to it.
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    New site Format

    the new site is good guys. navigation is simple and it appears to be quite a bit faster than the old. Nice work :cool:
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    Anyone have an Amtex Inferno 400 truck mount?

    This is the worst forum to come to regarding info on an Amtex machine as the few guys who have had issues with earlier models are very strong on their opinions and they have every right to be. However there are many Amtex owners that are extremely happy with their machines including myself...
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    Suction comes and goes on my performer 405

    Is the performer belt driven from engine to blower? maybe your belts are slipping and you need to retension or change?
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    New pump no thread clearance?

    Hey @goomer , went through the PayPal process like you suggested and got a full refund. Item & postage. I'm very releived. Cheers mate, your a champ :cool:
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    New pump no thread clearance?

    Thanks goomer, I've just lodged a dispute with PayPal. Lets see how we go, Cheers