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    New Ninja 500 H

    Thank you for all your responses. I know that there are a lot of chats about carpet cleaning machines. I was only interested about that particular brand Window Cleaning Dublin
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    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    Where do you buy Matrix rust remover from? Window Cleaning
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    Viability of starting with a buisness loan.

    Bad idea man You want to buy a cheaper carpet cleaning machine & a cheap van. You need to try it out to see if you like it. I know a man that has spent 30k to start a carpet cleaning business only to end up having very bad back pains and he gave up 6 months later. 100k invested with your...
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    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    Don`t get me wrong. I agree with you, Prochem Rust Remover is an amazing product. But the new product is even better
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    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    Hi Guys I use Craftex Rust, Iron & Mould Remover. Amazing product. Works instant on any type of rust stains. I had a chat with few other contractors and they told me that the word "iron" makes all the difference. Prochem Rust Remover does not contain the word Iron and this is the reason why is...
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    What do you do to retain clients?

    Be good at what you do. People expect quality. Be nice. You do not need to be a robot. Have a chat with the customer, do something small for free. Compliment ladies on how clean the house is. You are in for a win
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    Drug Testing!!

    Haha Very good My irish wife is disgusted with your answer. Gorman is still a well known local name She said not such thing. You made my day
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    Drug Testing!!

    well, i come from Romania. 1 G of coke will assure you 10 years of relaxation. I am in ireland for 21 years. city centre dublin is like afaganistan. But 10 km from dublin, drugs are not so much a problem here is a quick one for you i am watching an american show with some dudes that are slow...
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    Drug Testing!!

    You must have some drug problem in America
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    Drug Testing!!

    Is still not right If i am out of my head, then fair enough But to randomly stop me for a drug test? Is a bit much It also depends on the job. A bit of cocaine could make me dig faster as a builder
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    Jaguar Carpet Cleaning Machine

    Yes 240 V But i am amazed with the power. Is 3 times more powerful than the best Prochem & 30% cheaper How is that possible? I van get the best option for only 2700 euros!
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    List your most effective advertising

    Forget about what you read online. There is a lot of nonsense. The only way of getting great rankings is: 1. A great wordpress website 2. A tone of good unique articles 3. 100-300 great links (not paid) 4. & time I make 30k per month free. No adwords. It took me 3 years to reach there
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    Eco Clean Solutions

    Well done lads i would highly recommend your services.
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    Jaguar Carpet Cleaning Machine

    Hi Guys Have any of yous ever heard of a jaguar carpet cleaning machine? The description is mad. 800 psi pump. 3 times more powerful than my steam pro machine