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    The words we use in front of Customers..HMMM

    Yeah, using the word chemical is never a good thing. Once you say the word "chemical" to a customer they probably think of a beaker with sulfuric acid in it and smoke billowing over the edges, I think the safest terms would be detergent, solution, or application, I agree never say...
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    Truck Mount For Sale Again

    What are you asking for the setup and about how many hours on the unit? Thanks.
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    I'm nervous

    I would describe the benefits and procedures used that made this guy ask for you to give a speech, after 14 years I'd think it would be pretty easy to speak confidently with regards to the process and methods that you use to provide high quality service and work, remember you are the expert and...
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    Sorry Chris haven't heard of him. I can tell you I purchased an older prochem blazer(Timberlake...

    Sorry Chris haven't heard of him. I can tell you I purchased an older prochem blazer(Timberlake, NC) recently and the machine runs great and easy to maintain. All the best!!
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    How did you start your business?

    Get experience through cleaning friend and family carpet, this experience and more will allow you to become confident in your abilities, then you can start selling and providing quality service. You should maybe start networking , sometimes it's not what you but who you know. Quality service...
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    How old were you when you started your cleaning business?

    I started around 25 yrs. old, at the time I was working for Sears in San Diego, Ca, doing three to five jobs a day, after three years They decided to relocate to Orange County, they ran only porties back then believe it or not. I didn't want to move so I bought some used equipment from my boss...
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    FINALLY moving up in the world.....

    Congrats! Your life is truly about to change. So much easier on the body after long days and you will increase you production and time availability, I remember being in the same boat, used a porty for ten years.... best of luck and enjoy the new TM.
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    How do you price cleaning steps?

    That's a cool stair tool. Where to purchase?
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    Are you a hack?

    I think a hack is someone who does not know good cleaning principal or who is uneducated and takes shortcuts or takes advantage of customers not concerned about repeat business. Puts his porty in a car and uses dish detergent to clean. That's my image of a hack. Just my opinion...
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    Pricing and how you do it

    Over the phone I normally ask how long ago it's been since they've had a professional cleaning (carpet/upholstery) this will give me a foundation from where to start. If it's been within a year I charge about $30 a room, if it's been five years of coarse the price escalates from there. I also...
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    How do you price cleaning steps?

    I price them according to each step anywhere from two to four dollars each(extra long ones). Normally between two and three and four to six dollars for landings. That's how I've always priced them and have never had any resistance or issues because I'm fair. I won't charge 4 dollars for short...
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    What removes dried blood stains?

    Pre-kleen or Enz All by chemspec has worked for me in the past. Should work just fine. Hopefully custy hasn't set it by attempting to clean on their own. Best of Luck.
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    Can sites do well without using spammy techniques?

    Yeah it's gonna be funny when his website get banned to. I try to run all aspects of my business without the "spammer" shortcut mentality, If it takes it a little longer or involves more work so be it, at least your playing by the rules and keeping your dignity. It's all fun and games until you...
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    What do you drink throughout the day? (pic)

    I thought that was a pic of the inside of my van!! Lol. I do straight up water, soda just makes me thirstier.
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    When you clean carpet, do you want it to look like it was cleaned, or...

    I agree. When your doing vacancies for property management, especially apartments, wand marks show the place has been cleaned and looks great. I think its personal preference, if someone tells me they don't like the wand marks(rare) then of course break out the carpet rake. When the home is...