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  • Hey there! So, in two weeks I'm moving my family and business to Boise from my current station here just outside of St. Louis. I'd love to meet you and maybe take you to lunch to learn about the Boise scene a bit. Is that something you'd be interested in?
    Thanks for your responses. It is nice to know someone local. I have reached out to some other locals on TMF and they would not even respond.

    Must be big money. I have seen some of the huge national company restoration vans in the area lately. May get more difficult for the smaller operator.
    Wow it is interesting that he is done with carpets. It wasn't that long ago that he purchased the carpet cleaning business. Ultra clean & restoration is also done with carpet cleaning and concentrating on restoration.
    I just read your funny craigslist post. I am out in Nampa and may be looking for some more equipment. You mentioned that some others are selling equipment. Do you know if they have anything good and who is selling?
    I just clean stair faces on the way up...... been doing this for 21 years
    I paid $300.00 for the wand so its not that big of a deal. I spent the smae for the one that hurts my back.
    Thank you....Your not being nosy....I have a really nice prochem stairtool but I have to bend over too much and it hurts my back. Just trying to make a longer wand.
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