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    Customer runs over equipment in driveway - Whose responsible? (Pics)

    Look at this from the reverse POV. If a customer had their stuff in their driveway in such a way that you the service provider would see it before pulling in to park but you ran over it and damaged it anyway who would be at fault then? Customers fault for putting it on a driveway or your fault...
  2. Will Reed

    EC17 - Adjustable Speed Rotary - Reviews??

    How do you guys feel the EC-17 works for a machine to be used for both commercial and residential? I'm not talking big commercial with 10,000+ sq feet but a few jobs here and there. I'd also like to offer VLM for residences that request it.
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    Zipper Wand

    Here is a question for Zipper users. About 90-95% of my business is residential. About 25-35% of it seems to be empty move outs. Does a Zipper make sense for my business needs?
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    Saphire Scientific Pro 1200 SE? We will see....

    My main concerns with PTOs was how they are basically married to the van. My ideal van would be one that is 1-3 years old with 30-50k miles so I don't pay the new van price tag but get an almost new van. The other thing is I wonder what the depreciation difference is between two hypothetical...
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    Can an employee be kept after he is caught stealing

    Well...think about this. This is the first time you caught him, probably not the first time he has done it.
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    Will's Stock Market thread.

    Yeah I've used real money and did pretty good. My current platform is Options House.
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    Will's Stock Market thread.

    GS and AXP have earnings before the cycle ends. The rest have earnings next expiration.
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    Some people just don't get vlm.

    I've had a few customers ask me if I do steam cleaning or 'that other method'. I think the local oxi fresh franchise here is souring people on VLM cleaning because I've had a lot of their customers complain to me. There is also one property manager that states in their agreement that it must...
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    Will's Stock Market thread.

    Ok here are my 10 picks and the strategy for this month. These trades will auto liquidate on 7/17 or earlier if I have to close any out to prevent losses. This is the way it works. If the price stays in between the ranges until 7/17 I make the profit. If it moves out of the range I have to...
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    Saphire Scientific Pro 1200 SE? We will see....

    From what SS distributors have told me they are very comparable units with the only difference being DD vs slide in. Very similar suction and heat. Price tag is maybe 1-2k difference.
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    Average $ to hour on TM...

    I'm curious on what it would be but the hour meter on my TM doesn't work anymore so have no way of taking actual numbers. My guess if I had to would be around $150/hour. I do 3 rooms and a hall for $90 and an average job of that size takes about 30 mins of TM time. Obviously dirtier jobs take...
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    Saphire Scientific Pro 1200 SE? We will see....

    That SS 1200 looks pretty good. Looking at SS1200 or SS570 for next TM and am currently leaning toward the 570.
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    I love magic wand company.

    It's all in the geography and how early in the day you order it. Anything I order from Interlink before 2 pm I get the next day no additional shipping since there is a distributor in the same state with me.
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    Help with bad wick back

    I rinse with plain water, no idea since I don't run around with a PH meter testing carpet afterwards. When I did it the 2nd time I rinsed the hell out of the carpet because I could see the soap spots and also did a lot of dry strokes and put down fans immediately afterwards.
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    Lets see your ez/ tips for a soon to be ez owner

    Unless they are like me and not afraid to tell the truth.