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  • Thank you so much for the referral to Service Magic. Would you recommend using them? I would like to send you the information that you need but would prefer sending it to you in a private message. I am new to the forum so I am not sure how to do that.
    Hey Will, I read a comment of yours about Adwords and wanted to see if you could help me out with any keyword or ad verbiage advice? I live in Dallas and use Adwords for another one of my businesses but haven't had great luck with it so far for my carpet/tile business...
    Thanks man!
    Will Reed, I am looking for a good SEO person too. Could you send me the info on who you use. Also, who is this Tre Guy everyone seems to be talking about?
    Hey Will, I tried CleanFree based on your suggestion and it works well. I added a bit of Hydrox from Excellent Supply since I had a sample and that seemed to brighten the carpet. I was wondering if you liked the Magic Potion or Trashed Green better than CleanFree. I have some carpets where I feel I need some type of oxygen booster. I appreciate your thoughts.
    Hey how much do you know about velocity tech 6 vac etm? How are the 6 vac motors installed to bring the best suction?

    Will-Congrats on your success! I have been following you since you started and you have done great. Would you be willing to share your Val Pak and add word offers? I am trying to increase my residential work and haven't found anything that really gets the phone to ring. You are in a similar market to me so I thought your insight might work here as well. Thanks in advance.
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