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    Are there any fans of MARVEL movies?

    We have a guy here that has 4 warehouses of Marvel collectibles as his side gig.
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    Good pump brands

    That’s how we started!!
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    Good pump brands

    Only on high gpm not pressure you will need what’s called a buffer tank of 50 gals or more to feed machine.
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    Good pump brands

    Hydro tek diesel trailer great machine. Shark in the bed of my truck made by karcher piece of junk, 77 hours on it had the unloader fail, flow switch fail causing the blast relief to blow, and no bypass to releave hot water buildup on the pump so when the gun is released it will cause premature...
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    Chewing gum on concrete

    10,000 pieces is nothing.!! We have been washing some of NY finest subway stations. Hot water power washer number 15degree tip crank up the heat the hotter the quicker you will remove it. With that amount of gum the residue after the gum is removed will be a problem as seen below. Gum was...
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    Good pump brands

    Look at Hydro Tek machines
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    Need advice on restoring shine to my Terrazzo

    I be first looking at why it’s losing its gloss in such a short time???
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    Tile issues

    It also can be soap residue from the wrong cleaner being used.
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    Tile issues

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    Diesel Truck / Gas Carpet Cleaner who has accomplished this?

    Try calling a handicap conversion company, they move fuel tanks to mount ramps all the time.
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    Post a funny picture!!!

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    Post a funny picture!!!

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    Post a funny picture!!!

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    Polished Travertine with DIP first job!

    What grit did you take it to?