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  • PART 2

    The product is concentrated so you won’t use much and it should be a good value for cleaners. It should be approved by Green Seal, USA EPA Design for Environment and Cleangredients by the time it goes on sale. Being a green product, we are interested in how the cleaning results compare to other encap products. So, if it is possible, we encourage you to do a side by side test.

    Let us know the cleaning results, how you feel about the level of foam, the odor, convenience of use and any other comments you have. What do you feel about the role of green products in commercial situations, especially government buildings?

    Scott Warrington

    A case of our new double strength green encap product will be sent to each of you beta testers tomorrow afternoon. I would ask you to keep all information about this product and testing confidential until we decide if we will market the product. After that, you may say anything you like to whomever you want. Until then, just communicate with me. Thanks.

    Please, use this on whatever encap jobs you have coming up in the next week or so. I would appreciate hearing a report back by December 16th if possible. You may not use all the product by that date, but let me know the results of what you have tried.

    This message is being sent in two parts due to length.

    Scott Warrington
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