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    How to compete with big franchises

    If the big boys were able (which they may) to develop relationships with the client like OO's can they would rule. I believe the client likes knowing who they are dealing with. They have trust and faith that they will be taken care of. I doubt they let you in and leave blank checks to be filled...
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    How long does mixed presray last?

    I'll use what's left over the following day. I just add fresh product to it to help it out.
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    How to compete with big franchises

    Customer experience. Blow them away with customer service and be likeable. Being good at cleaning helps. LOL
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    They haven't done that in my area yet. But they did stop the option to note give a price. I always said that I needed more info.
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    Do you run an inline hydro waste filter?

    Been using one for 3 1/2 years. No problems at all.
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    Christmas & Gift Cards

    I do send out reminder cards to every customer every six months. I noticed that some of my repeats were trying to use the gift cards after the expiration date. Being in the northeast I was trying to drum up more work during the winter months.
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    Christmas & Gift Cards

    The cards did okay. Not great. I had them made by my printer.
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    What’s your “go to” spotter?

    First Action by Multi Steam. Great product.
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    I use it some. Landed some good jobs.
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    Stock picks ??

    It' a good time for those who are invested in this market.
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    Show question

    That's a lot of bottles.
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    Saturday's, good grief

    Saturdays are made for recovering from Friday night.:D Or a good paying commercial job.