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  • Hey torrey pretty new to the tmf not shure how to post or work this tmf yet but I read most of your post sounds like you're real knowledgeable guy I was wondering if you can help me out what's a good chemical or ph balance for high traffic polyester I used to work at a hospital cleaning the carpets a month ago I quit and started my own business so far its busy but I'm new to residential any advice thanx torrey
    I have an enigma. I have been in business since 2002. Schedule was empty so I did what I usually do, sent out email to customers, called 30 customers (spoke to some) left messages with others. Called referral sources and did other things. Website traffic seems good. My customers are always satisfied so that's not it. Empty schedule and empty head. Thoughts? PS: How do you start a forum on here.
    Thanks for the good words just FYI you haven't rubbed me wrong yet just happy to get yours and others ideas mix em up and see what floats to the top. It's the only way I know to grow
    hi there if you want the perfect invoice go to checkmate carpet cleaning this is your ticket he sells it for about 90,00 hi got it an its verry proffessionel.
    Hi Tron, that is awsome! i have never seen those bars before, what are the called? thanks have a good day...sonny
    I Need help on quoting a Holiday inn express. they want a price on 2387 sq. to start. 1295 of it get protector.This quote is just a portion. eventually they want 3 more floors done. and all the rooms.
    Hi Tron,

    Mike said to PM you and you said to call, I tried to but got a recording, If you would like to call me my number is 828-369-2534 and I will be around most of the evening if you would like to call.

    Hope all is well with you.

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