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  • 15 to 20 years ago, he got booted from the ICS BB for starting a thing about using electric corn cobs. Funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.
    The cross contamination thing is almost certainly a thing he is attempting to start buzz about just in an attempt to see how many idiot cleaners will take it up and run with it.
    I have had two others respond to my question in much faster fashion than you have. Even Rob gave me the answer faster.
    Hello Torrey, Are you still using the Phire prespray? How well does it work? Any chance to try it on restaurant carpets? I have a couple restaurants that requieres some work to get them good clean. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks.
    He torrey happythanksgiving hope u had agreat weekend. to agitate carpet in your opinion or experience what seems to work better the agitator scrub brush or a white pad ??
    Hey just got back on the board. Whats all the ratings for people? Do I need to get folks to vote so to speak?
    Thanks again for lunch. Here is some info on the Sapphire Tile product and also a link for all of the Dupont Sealers.


    Unitex Surface Renew Tile & Grout Sealer

    Torrey - Got a call today from a DoubleTree hotel wanting pricing for cleaning partition walls between banquet rooms. They are covered with carpet. Some are 10' tall, others 12' tall. Any thoughts on pricing?? Thanks!!
    Hey Torrey. Haven't been on lately. But was wondering about the statue u had
    as your avatar with the stone smashing the feet. Any meaning behind that pic?
    Hey Torrey is that your store AS WELL in your town?? If so its super cool! HEY do you guys deal farbo floors? its recycled flooring? if not its ok...I picked up a janitorial job with this flooring and there is tons of coats of wax I need to get off. This floor is supposed to be super expensive so I don't want to F it up.
    Hey torrey mabey you can help me I cleand a house lady had a 2 month old big hair dye stain I tyed my best used 250 temp tryd the wand and rotovac sprayed stain magic and red relieve power gel but mabey 30 percent only came out I reapeated process 3 times anything else I can try thanx
    Torrey do you know how to access the SEO marketing group? I see in facebook there some posts but when click i get an error.
    Torrey - I got a call today from a manufacturing plant that does a lot of grinding/welding, and they have tracked in the residual dust, grease and oil onto office CGD, which is very thin/cheap stuff. I have a couple of pics I can send. What would you suggest for chems?


    Hey torrey as lame as it sounds I still can't seem to figure out how to post a topic
    Hey torrey quit question have you used magic wand products and what do you think about ther crystal rinse ?
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