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    Moisture readings

    DryTrack and moisture mapper are the soup du jour but you can just plug them into an excel spreadsheet We have DryTrack but it's just not really a good fit for us so I have the techs log everything old school on paper then we input into excel and send in with the invoices. It's about 150x...
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    Serum 1000 Machine

    No, that's something that you purchase that maximizes your product usage and labor usage. The xact price is the same but you are spending money on a machine that in theory maximizes your efficiency and increases your profitability
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    Looking for experienced advice.

    20 year old van and 5k hours on a machine i think you could probably just give it away and be happy honestly Nobody in their right mind would give a penny for it Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Scrapped for parts is your only play imo
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    What's the #1 way to get Water Damage jobs?

    Those are also the lowest margin jobs because the plumbers want a flat $300-$500 referral fee which is a LOT for a normal size water damage And the prop managers want the cheapest cheap price in the world or they have their maintenance guy "put a fan on it" and then call you in 6 months with a...
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    Restoration software?

    We use quick books and do same thing as you Haven't seen any other accounting software that would sync with xact
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    Testing ceramic tile for moisture.

    Tile on slab I wouldn't touch it, no issues. Only issue would be a poor install where water gets under the tile and pops them up. Seen it a few times but pretty rare and it's obvious tear out cause they are all broken and popping up
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    Smoke clean up

    Going labor rate in those situations is $20-$30/hr for laborer $40-$50 for supervisors % for short term investors or people who bring equipment and experience to the job
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    Smoke clean up

    No way he's gonna pay $50/hour just for labor when you aren't bringing any experience/equipment/money to the job. If he does, he's just being really really really nice to you cause he's a good friend.
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    Take the job or turn it down?

    Just clean it by hand with a tootbrush Then run a squeegee wand over it on 100 psi just for show Ez Small area you can get grout clean with your hand/brush and wipe off with clean water rag
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    xactimate code for a generator

    Tmp- temporary repairs There are a bunch in there that vary on size Don't forget fuel, spider box, monitoring etc
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    Public adjuster

    Generally speaking they wouldn't touch or even see your mitigation money. I would definately not give 10% in this case and would let homeowner know they owe your full bill. They are instances where I would gladly give 10% cut but not in this case
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    Should RAM AIR INT. be in the NADCA

    Little different in this situation. Basically the ram air is a complete scam system. It kind of cleans about 20% of the hvac system at best. Hvac clean is the biggest scam potential in the cleaning industry There is basically no verification system and no way to visually clear a job Carpet...
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    Ranking #1 Case Study

    If you give any new/relevant information I'll be shocked. Wait for the pitch in 3, 2, 1......
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    Hardwood floor help?!

    Scrub with red pad, extract with hard surface wand w/ low psi Let dry Apply new top coat Let dry Another coat Let dry Collect check Basic coatings makes a good line of stuff IFT to clean Then SQUEAKY goes on when you rinse Then their top coat
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    Attic Mold

    It's basically bleach