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    Common Questions you get

    Thanks guys for the feedback! My Client is a carpet cleaner which is why I'm asking for other cleaners advice.. I felt like he didn't give me many questions potential clients ask him, but it was pretty much what you all said so I feel like I at least covered my bases. As far as non customers...
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    Common Questions you get

    Not getting too much info here. maybe I should dive in a lil deeper and tell you why I asked... I have a client who I'm setting up a chatbot for on his website...he gave me a few questions that he gets frequently , but not many. since there are a ton of industry pro's on here was hoping to...
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    Common Questions you get

    @Spazznout - that was legit question....... I joined these forums to try and learn something....
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    Common Questions you get

    I was curious... when you have a prospective client calling you , what are the top 5 most frequently asked questions they ask and how do you respond? I think it would be interesting to hear feedback from different personalities. :) thanks!
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    How Big is the Carpet Cleaning Industry in North America?

    US janitorial services and carpet cleaning industry consists of about 58,000 janitorial establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $45 billion and about 7,700 carpet and upholstery cleaning establishments with combined...
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    Month 1 strategy. Good or Bad? TY

    Glad to see your marketing is paying dividends! Would you be ok sharing what your doing?
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    What's the best class of clients for carpet cleaners?

    Sorry for the shamless plug, but I can target potential clients by radius from your shop as well as household income. I've been experimenting with a new marketing product that's been doing pretty well for my Residential carpet cleaners. :)
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    Thoughts on direct mail?

    the last thread on direct mail appears to be a few years old... I know I get mailers in my mailbox... But curious about cost and how effective are they?
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    How to start email marketing?

    Mailchimp will allow you to send 10k emails monthly for free but they have to be your clients already. Is guess I should have asked you first... Is this to find new clients or touch base with your existing clients
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    Live Chat Software for Carpet Cleaning?

    Chatbots are pretty easy to set up if your potential clients ask the same 20-25 questions.
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    What's the best class of clients for carpet cleaners?

    I would say 3 and 4 with 64% of the market. Most likely home owners with Kids and pets
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    Calling customers you serviced from 2-3 years ago...and longer?

    Brian we should talk. I have a few marketing products, but my core business is follow up calls for carpet cleaning companies. Not only at the point they need another cleaning, but asking for a 5 star review, and asking for referrals.
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    Customer Reviews

    pretty good linkedin post on reviews for carpet cleaners pretty good thread. lots of good ideas! above is a pretty decent article on this topic. Also attached the same article as a pdf.
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    List your most effective advertising

    Telemarketing Services for the Carpet & Upholstery Industry 4 ways to use the telephone for more business right now! 1.) Call your past customers. They've already used you and hopefully they will again every year. Why wait around for them to maybecall? Reach out and say hello! If they...