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    Vortex problem

    I have a 2005 Vortex. My PTO solenoid is bad. Where could I find one?
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    NVa Butler Cleaners

    Looking for other guys in Northern Virginia running Butler units.
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    Rotovac 360i

    Rotovac 360i in excellent condition. Local pickup only in northern Virginia. $1500
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    HydraMaster RX-20

    HydraMaster RX-20 rotary machine in good condition. I’ve never had an issue with it just selling off some equipment. Pickup only in northern Virginia. $1000
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    Hydramaster Rotary DriMaster

    Hydramaster DriMaster in excellent condition. $1000 pickup only. In northern Virginia.
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    White carpet yellowed

    There is a white Carpet with a yellow area. I believe it is from the backing of a throw rug but not sure. I have cleaned the area twice and both times comes out perfectly white. After drying it is yellow again. Thoughts?
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    I’m sure this has been discussed 1000 times but what’s your go to all purpose deodorizor.
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    Kleenjet 500v??

    I have a buddy getting into the business and he will likely be targeting commercial work (5th floor and up work in office buildings) He is thinking about this portable..... I am a residential, truckmount guy. I have very little experience with portables. Does anyone know anything about this...
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    Hello from Virginia

    I will Rob. I go a couple times a year. I'll let you know next time.
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    Buying this vortex yay or nay

    We have had our vortex for 5+ years. We also own a Butler van. Here are my thoughts. The unit is awesome. Tons of power, pretty darn reliable, Plenty of space to take anything you want to the job. Our customers definitely remember it and ask for it at times. When my dad and me both go out and we...
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    VIP Carpet Cleaning

    That's cool. I have zero entertainers outside DC but I could tell you stories about some politicians.
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    Chemical through machine???

    We have 2-4 one gallon jugs hooked up on our vortex. We open up which one we need depending on job. I've used just about everything in them. I'm constantly trying new things.
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    Im considering new equipment.

    I guess they can be pricey. But I think it's worth it. My dad went out on a limb in 79 and bought a used butler. His first tm. We've had one white magic in the past and a vortex that we still have. Other than that it's all butler. We will probably buy another in the coming year.
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    Im considering new equipment.

    Just my opinion. I'd find a nice used Butler. Easy as cake to understand and just as easy to work on.
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    Procyon, anybody use it?

    I always agree with Admirals