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    King carpet cleaning??

    Lol i saw this post and only questioned if Todd knew who Biz Markee was
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    Looking for infrared camera advice

    I thought of buying a flir 1 also. I ended up getting a step up from it and got the C2.
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    Strategies for Success was Great

    Hey that sounds lime the class i was in.
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    SFS chicago was great

    Hi everyone i went to the sfs class last week. I have over 10 years experience in carpet cleaning and no knowledge of really how to run a cleaning business. Well after a week talking about social media, business planning , marketing. ... my head was spinning. I have many ideas and goals...
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    Certification wanted

    Iicrc has gave me a run around for 8 months on my updated card. I am not a supporter of thier certification anymore. But there are few options. But best options to me is class time. Online is not good personal training.
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    IICRC, Who is, Who isn't?

    i have been vocal that i have been waiting over 4 months for IICRC to send me my new non expired card, still waiting.... its good to hear they have competition. Paying$120 a year and not even being able to get a reciept of payment? I am torn on what to do with my certifications now
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    Baddest carpet cleaning wand on the planet!

    Oh man i a big dummy, i read all three pictures and didnt notice the misspelling until John G spelled it out for me
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    Baddest carpet cleaning wand on the planet!

    Ha ha ha i done that plenty of times myself. I calmer already
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    Baddest carpet cleaning wand on the planet!

    I dont know in Tom C took the high road or not even seen this thread. That's why I tagged him. Also cleanfreak had tagged a different tom earlier giving the appearance that tom had been added to thread. I agree with you that this thread is bs. Its also none of our business. If you want my...
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    Baddest carpet cleaning wand on the planet!

    If everyone is hoping for a public statement from @TConway maybe someone should actually tag him. But 15 pages of garbage is tough to read.
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    Possible damaged white tile help.

    John could be a international cleaner soon. I wouldn't be surprised if he was cleaning in Italy and wanted a helper
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    Official GOOGLE+ Circle Followers for TMF Members

    Aloha his link worked. Not sure you copied the whole thing
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    I just bought an El Diablo

    The burger is good. I am eating one now
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    What is everyone's weekend plans?

    I got my same plans as every sunday. 5 hours of beach volleyball then go home and cry cuzz i sun burned
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    Is onboard water truly needed ?

    Who are you? Lol welcome back stoner