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    "Proper" way to clean carpets

    You can. Send a PM to @admin and he can do it for you.
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    Spam posts

    For that matter, if anyone sees something that needs to be addressed immediately you can text me at 702-595-0488
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    What is it worth

    $50 with free shipping. I’ll PM you my address.
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    Spam posts

    Reports don’t show on my phone anymore either since the latest update. I never use a laptop anymore. Text me if I need to ban someone.
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    How much Product do you keep on the shelves ?

    About 9 months worth. I buy most of my chemicals every 6 months.
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    Small Town Carpet Cleaner

    Of course I’m off to Vegas now for a stone job I’ll be working on for the next 3 days:rolleyes:
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    Small Town Carpet Cleaner

    I live in a town of 40,000 an hour away from Las Vegas. I was born and raised in Vegas so a lot of my contacts are there. We moved to Pahrump 15 years ago and for the first 7 years I continued to drive to Vegas 6 days a week for work. I finally started my own business out here in 2011. It was...
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    All about hoses

    That’s what I get too. I think most truckmount hoses are double walled.
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    All about hoses

    I buy my hoses at Interlink and I have never had one break either. What hose are you using?
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    I just bought this from you guys. CAN YA FIX?

    Case and point for keeping an easy out and spare hex nipples on the truck, look what happened to my friend today.
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    How to clean this sofa?

    It looks like Pleather to me. Pleather is a fabric that has the appearance of leather. It can be easily wet cleaned using your upholstery wand. Before you go full blast on cleaning TEST it first. Clean the zipper side of a cushion and make sure all is good before cleaning the whole thing. If...
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    2" Wand vs 1.5" Wand and whip

    Ha, that’s funny...I have since switched to a 1.5 inch wand with a 10 foot 1.5 inch whip hose. Dry times seem to be about the same.
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    I just bought this from you guys. CAN YA FIX?

    Like others have mentioned I would pick up an easy out. Even if you don’t use it for this particular project all carpet cleaners should have an easy out in their tool box. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a fitting break either on a tool, a hose, or even the machine and I had to use the...