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  1. Todd the Cleaner

    TMF Emoji recommendations

    Hmm, the ones from the phone won’t show up in the post.
  2. Todd the Cleaner

    Red stains

    I’ve been using RedZone Ready for years with great success. Here’s a video I made a few years ago. I’ve found that leaving the steamer a bit longer usually removes the stains on the first try. I put the RedZone Ready on then put the steamer on it for 4-5 minutes. I go clean in another room while...
  3. Todd the Cleaner

    Sealer or sugar

    Get one of these to help.
  4. Todd the Cleaner

    Travertine scraped while cleaning

    I’ve never had a problem. The pad won’t hurt the floor but if a pebble or some other foreign object gets under the pad it can cause problems. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the floor first.
  5. Todd the Cleaner

    Travertine scraped while cleaning

    A 175 with a red pad
  6. Todd the Cleaner

    Rug smack

    My head is spinning from seeing so many new TMF chemicals the last couple weeks. So I assume this one is a wool safe chemical?? What can you tell us about it? I have a good pile of rugs in my shop right now. I’ll be pit washing a thick heavy wool with urine the first part of next week.
  7. Todd the Cleaner

    Used value of setup?

    3k sounds about right. 4000 hours is about the lifespan of an air cooled engine. Have about 2K set to the side to replace the engine when it goes. It could go tomorrow or it might last another couple years, it just depends on how well it’s been taken care of. Is the machine clean or does it...
  8. Todd the Cleaner

    Travertine scraped while cleaning

    If he’s a good tech don’t be too hard on him. I’m sure he feels real bad already. I’d just have a talk with him and let it go at that. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson. Now if he goes and does it again....different story.
  9. Todd the Cleaner

    Travertine scraped while cleaning

    Steam Brite.