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  1. Todd the Cleaner

    Mytee products

    Ok. Then a Mytee portable is a good way to go. HWE (hot water extraction aka “steam cleaning”) is generally a better method for residential cleaning. Portables are a good way to start but I recommend working towards a truckmount as your business grows. Both will Clean just fine, a truckmount is...
  2. Todd the Cleaner

    Diet/Fitness Question

    The bottom line is it comes down to calories in vs. calories out. My doctor told me to take my target weight and multiply that times 10 and that’s how many calories you should be eating every day. So for your goal of 150 pounds you need to be eating 1500 calories. This does not take into...
  3. Todd the Cleaner

    Mytee products

    Mytee makes good machines. I have one for jobs I can’t do with my truckmount. Before deciding on what machine to get let me ask you this.... what type of carpet are you going to be cleaning? It sounds like you do a lot of commercial work. Will you continue to pursue commercial or are you...
  4. Todd the Cleaner

    Revive and prosgrade Citrus solvent

    What fabric were you cleaning? How heavily soiled? Post some pictures.
  5. Todd the Cleaner

    Too many hours?

    Pretty much. I rarely have problems with my truckmounts but when I do it’s usually a fairly easy fix. Any moving part is going to wear out eventually. Even the vlm machines you use will need maintenance from time to time.
  6. Todd the Cleaner

    Too many hours?

    Which model and which engine? Well cared for truckmounts will last forever. Of course you will be replacing parts as trey go but there’s no reason atruckmount can’t last 20 years or longer. One of my truckmounts is 37 years old, I have replaced every part on the machine over the last 10...
  7. Todd the Cleaner


    My agent asked me what the replacement value would be and that’s how much I’m insured for.
  8. Todd the Cleaner

    wand trigger

    If you still can’t upload the picture text it to me and I’ll post it for you. 702-595-0488
  9. Todd the Cleaner

    Let's talk shipping times

    As long as it’s within a week I don’t particularly care. If a cleaner can’t keep at least a weeks worth of chemicals on hand and order before running out they may want to re-consider being in business.
  10. Todd the Cleaner


    Tough call. If your truck or machine does go down do you have a backup plan?
  11. Todd the Cleaner

    How to prespray carpets properly?

    I think the answer is that there is not an answer. Every job is going to be different. Some jobs I’ll put 2 scoops in the hydroforce and prespray a light mist while on other heavily soiled jobs I’m putting 4 scoops in the hydroforce and spraying heavily. The more prespray I put down the slower...
  12. Todd the Cleaner

    How to prespray carpets properly?

    I look forward to hearing the story.
  13. Todd the Cleaner

    Turbo hybrid 12 inch spinners

    I’m not sure exactly how long it spins but m sure it’s more than 5 seconds. I’ll hook up the spinner and check tomorrow.
  14. Todd the Cleaner

    How to prespray carpets properly?

    I showed the customer. Luckily they didn’t care. He said to put the table back and forget about it. Whew!:nailbiting: