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  1. Todd the Cleaner

    Blower gear off

    Any luck fixing it?
  2. Todd the Cleaner

    Water pressure pump suggestions

    I’ve been using General Pumps for years. I’d recommend one of these two depending on what RPM you have the pump running at. 3400 RPM: 1750 RPM...
  3. Todd the Cleaner

    First paid carpet patch, advice?

    Nice job! In the second one I can’t even see where you did the patch, awesome job. You did really good on the first one too but I think I see one thing that will help for next time. Did you test which direction the nap was laying for both the carpet and donor piece? It looks like the patched...
  4. Todd the Cleaner


    Here’s the video I made a few years ago. In the video I was leaving the steamer on the stain for a minute or so. Since then I’ve found leaving the steamer a little longer will usually get rid of the stain the first time. I leave the steamer on the spot for 2-4 minutes now. When there are a...
  5. Todd the Cleaner


    If you use a steamer you don’t need a towel. It will go much faster without the towel.
  6. Todd the Cleaner

    Citra Solve II

    I’ve been using CitrusSolv II for over a year now and actually prefer it over the original. It mixes in easier and it’s not foamy like the original is.
  7. Todd the Cleaner

    Need Advice on Natural Stone Repair

    There’s some pretty bad etch marks there. You will need to hone and polish those areas to restore the stone. For the flooring throughout the house it’s hard to give an accurate price just from seeing the pictures. If you plan to polish the whole floor you will want to be charging around $3 to...
  8. Todd the Cleaner

    Marbe table top

    You will want to use a Mikita hand grinder. I’ll call you later.
  9. Todd the Cleaner

    Sealed tile?

    Looks like ceramic to me. There should not be a topical coating and you don’t want to put one on. Test it and see if there is a coating. If there is then the job will be a pain. Hopefully there is not. It should be an easy clean and color seal.
  10. Todd the Cleaner

    Job from hell

    Tell me exactly what your process was and what you used.
  11. Todd the Cleaner

    Mytee CRB

    I have at the trade show. I’m going to buy one when the larger size comes out.
  12. Todd the Cleaner

    Before and After

    Look at the big round stain at the top of one and bottom of the other. It’s the same carpet just viewed from opposite ends.
  13. Todd the Cleaner

    Has being on TMF made you a more well rounded cleaner? If so, how?

    I’m a big yes for sure. I’m on a big job right now, a 4000 sq ft house that’s 100% tile and grout plus tile countertops and showers. We’ve been here 4 hours already, we have about one more hour to go. I’ll respond more to this thread when I get home.
  14. Todd the Cleaner

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    Different companies.
  15. Todd the Cleaner

    Amtex Equipment Rebuilds

    At 250 hours he should still be under warranty. If he goes to a Kohler authorized shop he can get it fixed for free assuming his machine is less than 2 years old. Have him contact Ben, Ben has a list of places he can take it for service.