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  • Merry Christmas to the Cottino Family.
    I will have some Pics from our trip to Yoseimite tomorrow in a dauy or so. I is a beautiful place to be on such a holy day.
    Did You get the email with my family picture?
    Hi Todd, I have a question on a dema valve? my bypass is not shutting off and water continues to bypass into the waste tank, even when when temp is turned all the way up. my question is how do i determine if it is the thermal switch in the water tank or the dema valve? Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    I was reading your thread about your TM rebuild (looks awesome BTW) and you were talking about your motor you replaced saying that it had oil spraying out of it? my engine is doing the same(i mite get a tsp built up at end of silencer) and i cant get any answers out of kohler and my mech says not to worry about it just watch oil level ...... i just never noticed anyone else say that their engine did this??
    I used tile master on some ceramic tiles and it looked like it took the glaze off. Have you run into this? Any way to fix or get some shine back? I was thinking some stone impregnator sealer then buffing out with a white pad on 175. what do you think?
    Hi Todd,
    I used tile master to clean some 6" clay tiles and it dulled the finish. It was just a test area in a bathroom. What do you use to clean the red 6" clay tiles? I am thinking a neutral cleaner, agitate with red brush on a 175 and rinse with turbo spinner. sound right?
    Hello Todd,
    About reconnecting the temp solenoid, does one cable goes to the temp gauge and the other goes directly to the sensor behind the heat exchanger? mine I think it is connected to some kind of common grounding with multiple cables connected. but then its not going no where.
    Do you have any info about it and how to rewire it easily.? thanks in advance.

    Great to finally meet Todd the Cleaner, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to stop by the booth. If there is ever anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to call. I appreciate all your good work here on the forum as well as the good feedback on products and equipment. I don't have your email, can you send me a quick post to [email protected]

    hi Todd
    I ended buying the FOX 6000. Got it down to 8000$, think Its a good deal.Not sure whats next, So since were in the same state I was wondering if you can advise if i got this right.
    Register business as LLC, insure business (general liability), insure truck (commercial), Need to register truck as a commercial vehicle, right?
    All help appreciated, totally green on structuring a business, thanks.
    Todd, what do you think about this stuff for blower oil changes (I know you posted the other but just wanted your opinion) it's what cobb suggested (their store is 15-20 minutes from my house) http://www3.this company does not support

    It's only $18 bucks compared to nearly $38 after shipping. Thanks!
    Hey todd ived got this house to clean on Friday but it has a couple of purple stains and I sprayed stain magic and nothing house is empty could I try red relief and the iron ? And thers 2 other gld looking stains that I'm concern about ? Thanx
    Yes it comes with everything I need to start. I'll try to talk him down to at least 8000$. That's how much Id like to spend on this unit. What is your opinion on the unit, it's overall performance? Is it easy to fix? I also found a 405 with 3200 hours for 10k. Which unit performs better in your opinion?
    Hi Todd
    I posted about buying my first TM. I saw here that you helped somebody with there FOX 6000 TM. One of the TMs Im looking at is that exact machine. It has 1100 hours on it, 44hp engine, 4.5 blower. I guess it has dual wand capability. Its mounted in a 94 Ford VAN, and the guy wants 9000$ for it as of now. What do you think of that TM? I took your advice and gave up on the blazer. Thanks
    Todd how can you drive 140 miles plus all the driving around for 40 bucks? GAS IS KILLING ME atm lol I get 14 to the gallon and whatever my butler takes to run and I dont have the travel you do what kind of mileage do you get
    You mentioned you had a 33 blower on 16 hp. how do you like it? What kind of engine/setup do you have. Thanks!
    Hi Todd,
    I have paid for the filter , so you should expect delivery any day now. I will be in Vegas from the 2nd Sept. Once again, I really appreciate your help. I will contact you once im there.
    Hi Todd,
    As you might know, i am heading to Connections in a couple of weeks and staying at the Mirage. I was thinking about buying a Devastator filter and Thomas Conway said that you may be able to help me out. He suggested i get it posted to you and i can work it out with you how to collect it once you receive it. Please let me know if you can help.
    so I made a repeat appointment to come back friday afternoon I told her I was going to try another product what do u think thanks
    Hey todd sorry to bother you so much I cleand a carpet today ther was blck stains next to shower I ask lady if she knows what That was she said hair dye its ben ther for like one year so I did my best bump heat up to 250 used pro choice products preload basically you name it I tried it didn't do very much
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