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  • hi todd, I just signed up for connections in vegas and was wondering if there was going to be a TMF get together this year?
    Hey Todd,

    This is Roland from Los Angeles. I spoke to you over the phone yesterday. Thank you for the help, I really appreciate you giving me your thoughts. I did give a Johnny a call. We will be talking later today. Have a good day bud.
    Hi Todd- When you have a chance, would you send me your instructions/ diagram (or a link to them) on using the uploader and small box w float to reduce psi on a pressure washer? I have a 4 gpm- 4K psi hot pressure washer I would like to hook up to a wand or rotovac. For extraction, I have a Mytee Flood Hog DX. I really appreciate your help. Thanks!
    Todd question for you. Can I run 105 into my water box ? My pump is rated for 160. Will it over eat my maChine? I have a 25hp honda heat exchanger system. Slide in unit. Open unit no shell. Thanks for any assistance.
    All my Baptist friends seem to believe that you guys believe you can work your way to heaven. I never thought you believed that, but your stress on works as evidence of salvation is probably where the confusion began.
    hey todd! where can i go to learn how to clean hardwood floor or is something you have to teach yourself.
    I saw some fool make the claim that Jehova's Wittness' and Mormon's do not believe Jesus is The Christ on some post the other day. I thought I knew enough about Mormon's to know that you guys actually DO believe Jesus is The Christ. (Who cares if JW's are weird, or not?)

    I am correct about Mormon's, am I not?
    Hey Todd. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to send you a private message. I have a question to ask and it probably needs to be private. Can you send me a PM and then I can respond?
    Question, I live in Palmdale which is a high desert similar to Las Vegas cold desert and hot summer. At what point dont I need to use a heater right now the low is 40-42 but I keep it on to be cautious. At what low do you leave it off?
    Hi Todd, Saw that you were in Las Vegas, I wanted some advice from someone I know is in the southwest and deals with the Trashed carpets we get. Sand, Dirt etc. What pre-spray or sprays to you prefer? I'm looking to find something a little more powerful to deal with the majority of the calls I get. I'm looking to maximize my efforts. Any advice is appreciated.
    500 unit High Dollar apartments with stone tile bath floors. He's looking for a recommendation for a portable unit for cleaning grout joints.
    Hey todd I had a question I was wondering what was a good time to give you a call maybe you can help me out I would appreciate thanks if so what's your #
    Cleaning out my waste tank while it was still running because there was water underneath screen filter and the blower sucked the towel right up. What do I do and how hard is it to take apart blower? Boxer 421 about 4 years old not mechanically inclined so use small words :) any help would be appreciated!
    Hey Todd, I have a chance to sell my powerwand and buy either a 360, drimaster or a 175. What would you do? Thanks Dan
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