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    Large VCT jobs

    Its hard to turn work down but in the end usually your better off.
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    Power Vacs Portables or Electrical

    I'm actually going with a trailer mounted power vac, its old school but there's a new Kohler in it so it should be just fine.
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    Toughest spots & stains we run into

    Thanks, I'm actually going back today to cut in a patch.
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    Power Vacs Portables or Electrical

    I guess the question would be how much cfms of suction(at the point of hooking into the trunk) is sufficient to properly clean the runs and trunks? And how much forced air? My thoughts is 3000cfms at minimum 5000 better and no less that 175 psi of forced air at the vents should do a thorough...
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    Power Vacs Portables or Electrical

    To be clear when I say portables in no way am I referring to the janky rotobrush....
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    Power Vacs Portables or Electrical

    I just came across hyper vac system, the portables put out 5000 cfm of filtered air that's pretty decent plus no lugging hoses all the way from the truck. Other than the compressor air line I guess. Think I might pull the trigger on one. I keep getting calls to clean air ducts so I think...
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    Power Vacs Portables or Electrical

    We used to clean air ducts with a trailer mounted power vac. Now I see lots of powerful gas powered portables and these inside the home nikro plug in units. Are they really that good? Are the days of the power vac duct cleaning over? I'm looking to purchase a new set up and just wondering...
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    Large VCT jobs

    If its your first time with this job bid high to account for the unknown, and there always is unknowns with strip and wax. Some janitors don't even strip they just wax on wax on wax. I just raised our strip n wax rate to .85
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    Toughest spots & stains we run into

    Just had an ink stain I should have just left it alone, what is the chemistry that keeps the ink from ballooning out?
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    Bidding Large Commercial Jobs

    Hey guys, I've got a very well established company in a somewhat rural area, mostly what I would consider higher end residential clients but I pretty much take any job as there isn't too much for competition in our area. I got an awakening the other day after I bid out a local hotel, all...
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    Seeking Advice on Growing

    I just bought a new 370, ive put 300 hrs on it. Love it except I've already grown to a point where I need either a other setup or a dual wand TM. Mostly to handle large commercial jobs that I've been going after. Whatya guys think sell my current rig and upgrade to a dual wand or just add a...
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    Growing strategy

    Hey guys I thought I'd inquire to you that have grown out of a 1 truck operation. I'm currently a 1 man show but my business plan has always been to grow beyond that. I am constantly busy and growing! How can you guys weigh in on either selling my current 1 wand 370 (300 hrs) and replacing...
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    If you do a lot of commercial....

    I can only wiegh in on the Bonzer but I think the price point wins out between the standard Zipper and Bonzer...again only one sided review here but for practically the same theory of cleaning your paying at least double if not triple the price for the Zipper?! By theory I mean that essentially...
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    Connecting solution line to wand problems

    I was showing the OP what it should look like yeah mines flowing steady today!