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    Roadblocks in life

    Been there, not fun at old would they be?
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    I dont get it

    My short time in the industry has me scratching my head..... Spend $25000 on a pretty legit high tec TM. (Not to mention the pile of $$ on all your tools and accessories) and at best you maybe can generate $200/hr on a jobsite. Spend $6000 on a softwash skid and make $400/hr Air duct cleaning...
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    For those who use online booking

    Love it, haven't gotten a ton of bookings but the ones that come through its nice getting the alert over the weekend or during night hours while I'm not working the phones. It's changed the way I communicate my pricing to clients as well. I was always measuring every room and charging by the...
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    In Line Filter

    The best one is the one you use! I took the basket filter out of my recovery tank and strictly use in-line filters, never tried the TMF filter but im sure I will some day and probably love it....
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    In Line Filter

    Love mine, we put 5 gal paint strainer over the cage filter so it is easy to clean. The only other filter I've tried was the plastic hydro force filter. Just an FYI if you end up getting one, it will leak a bit from the gaskets when not under pressure, I think it's designed that way to flex when...
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    Help me name the scent of our new Green Label prespray

    Thymol......reminds me of Thanksgiving dinner......
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    Squeeky CRB

    I believe it's the TMF pounder
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    Squeeky CRB

    My crb (10in) started squeeking recently, are there internal parts that I can lube?
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    Prespray Temperature

    We use our TMF pounder on every clean......
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    Prespray Temperature

    The initial question was asked because since switch from a HF application for prespray which produces consistent heat to a multi sprayer which is only as hot as you mix it up will you loose effectiveness in cleaning? Is a HF more or less efficient? That's a subjective question with subjective...
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    Prespray Temperature

    @Tom Forsythe that is exactly what I was looking for, because since switching to a battery or pump up sprayer even with mixing at hot tap temps by the time it's applied it would be much cooler and therefore maybe not as effective? I'm going to switch back to my HF now and see if I notice a...
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    Prespray Temperature

    I let go of my in-line for presprays, uses my precious fresh water and ties up my solution line, I came to this realization this winter when temps were top cold to just let my solution line sit for extended periods of time. With my multi sprayer I can go into the home and lay down prespray...
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    Cash Flow

    Cash flow is Cash flow right? In my own experience lately I have been utilizing my banks mobile deposits feature and I'm surprised how much more fluid it had made our Cash flow....I mean you might think we'll its not that big of deal just wait a couple days and throw together a deposit. Well...
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    Prespray Temperature

    Whats the relationship between temp of prespray at application and effectiveness of cleaning? Say between using HF in-line(hot hot) vs pump up or battery sprayer (hot tap water at best)? Any actual scientific answers would be helpful.
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    procyon plus vs carpet details

    Another thought I just had was this, since fats and lipids are soaponified with heat and converted into soap molecules would they then be removed easily with a soap free product like procyon? I could have that wrong but it was thought provoking